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  1. Are you referencing to the delay to attack after eating or 1tick combo eating? edit: I’m going to guess you are talking about eating multiple food in one tick and yes it works. But it also works in ways that it shouldn’t, as shown by the gif.
  2. Banned the most threatening team off the game
  3. Team Tournaments 3v3, 5v5 etc multi or singles - can vary less regular than usual tournaments (maybe once a month?) - higher rewards similar to OSRS clan cup - noticeboard at ::home with current winners? if a liked idea, can be gone into with more detail New instanced boss: would be the most consistent and highest PvM pkp/hr - drops could be discussed if a liked idea instance entrance location in the wilderness certain risk value threshold required to enter the instance (therefore risking PkP on your journey to the instance). Eg: 1k+ PkP risk. Prevents people taking 4 items PvM'ing with no risk. eg: Vorkath, Abyssal Sire Open up resource area with a use - (an area that could be polled to gather feedback) Consider ways of shuffling the wilderness' active areas - hotspots didn't seem to work when I last played Most of these suggestions are re-suggestions straight from this post I made over a year ago. A few have since been added to the game in different ways and some I have chosen to not re-suggest. Thread goes into some of these re-suggestions with more detail.
  4. Fix bolt delay after eating correct delay: https://gyazo.com/b4eeabe798d1b4b96f92539650af820d https://i.gyazo.com/b4eeabe798d1b4b96f92539650af820d.mp4 Add mithril seeds with a use outside FP'ing Add chins as a ranged weapon - possible option for hunter skill (::chins tele) Fix tick eating order eg: have to angler > pot > karam -- cannot angler > karam > pot (pot won't be drank) https://gyazo.com/bd11f7b944793b881ea8511652aa39ac https://i.gyazo.com/bd11f7b944793b881ea8511652aa39ac.mp4 Move or randomise the teleport tile of ::44's. It's within spear-able distance of the obelisk with just one freeze on that tile. ^ This may have been fixed since the last time I played and is just a re-suggestion.
  5. On OSRS, a 10% increase in the chance of your bolt spec activating is an achievement diary reward. Whilst the benefits are marginal, this can be useful in both PvM and PvP situations. This benefit could be added as a one time purchase (such as a scroll) or an achievement reward (such as kill counts etc).
  6. Suggestion might be out-dated then. Would be worth checking if prayer bonuses are working correctly
  7. Last time I played, prayer draining rates weren’t accurate and scaling correctly for different prayers. Also, I can’t remember exactly but remember something like a delay on the smite effect after the hit. edit: could be worth checking if prayer bonuses accurately effect draining rates as well
  8. Just means kills are more reliant on 35+ gmauls in the end (rng based, no skill/timing etc required) since everything less than that is out-eaten on the tick
  9. You can eat on the 'same tick' of a spec/veng even if you react after seeing the animation. Can be tested dhing etc, makes 1 tick specs and veng's less effective and reduces the skill gap in veng-style pking, even if the gmaul didn't already do that.
  10. I’m only talking 20+ wilderness. Dying at edge or pk zones with these untradeables wouldn’t cost you anything. Rune pouch saves you 2 inv spaces and can allow for 128hp more in deep wildy (2brews). Surely that’s powerful enough to have a risk associated with it? You wouldn’t lose it if insured either. Same with items like the infernal cape. BIS but no risk associated with using it. Once again I’m only talking about 20+ wildy, not pk zones/edge, as u get multi bots at 50’s obelisks with it. Also a PKP sink
  11. Untradeables lost on death above 20 wild but can be insured for a proportional cost. If insured, a player would just have to pay a small fee to obtain them from a shop again instead of paying the full price.
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