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  1. Its Gorillas

    staking video 2.5k giveaway

    @JBLIND ign ur name bro in the comments
  2. Its Gorillas

    Edit by Ballin 1337

    Nice but ngl feeling like the phrase ‘less is more’ wld of fitted this
  3. Its Gorillas

    Pure Nh

  4. Its Gorillas

    Pure Nh

    Godly gildo
  5. Its Gorillas

    Fruity Friends is returning soon...

    He probs switched back to his main-hand and shield but it won’t of shown him wielding them yet
  6. Its Gorillas

    The end of an era.

    This is showing the player ‘nsnsnsnsnnss’ saying in yell chat that he is the best on the server and if you want to prove him wrong, you should fight him at edge hills. It then proceeds to show the same player dying for a 57 killstreak to K A I S pkp7. Hoped this cleared things up for you.
  7. Its Gorillas

    Flacko productions: A duo vid

    good song
  8. Its Gorillas

    Roat Pkz Video Competition Winners!

    @JBLIND u won in my eyes if that means anything to you
  9. Its Gorillas

    Pk on vid

    Ok mr, nice pk vid btw!
  10. Its Gorillas

    Pk on vid

    ye put ur tank on next time, deserved it
  11. Its Gorillas

    Need answers

    Unban and he should keep whatever he pk’ed
  12. Its Gorillas

    Staff Feedback - October 2018

  13. Its Gorillas

    bring back kbd lair brid zone for 1 week

    Not really major
  14. get yoself a real bro u can trust like these @gl bro wins king @king get it why @Persona