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  1. i just got my rng guys. but u know if u during to stake like me... u will lose it. to win the stakes u need to be smart! even if its say to run. 5 tips: 1) when u win the stake dont double it!! 2) take 30 mins of stakes 1-15k not more, to start make some money. 3) never but never go all in cuz 60% u will know that u gonna lose and u will be cleaned! 4) need to know how to switch [flick/lash/deflect]. 5) go in head that u know even u lose u will never give up. dont stop when u know that ur turn is today!
  2. i think "alkosor" was a good player at the game. but if u have demoted him so i think u have many reasons for why he have demoted. anyway good job the updates is really good.
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