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  1. I totally agree, people should put their money into something else than rsps, Just people with no life does it.
  2. This server has a shit coding, therefore you can expect anything.
  3. The reason behind you posted this shit is that you're literally dumb. You can't find what is good and what is bad. Dumbass.
  4. Then you shouldn't post threads like this. If you want to show everyone your the best in your shit than you better grow some balls, which includes having a combat with the best people.
  5. You people make money in everything, put your thoughts in-game too.
  6. Stfu . also for us, u bitches keep this at such a time when we cant join . Grow a fucken sack.
  7. dude can you please change these timings 1hr 30 mins before? even last week i wasn't able to participate in any tournies. It's just 1.5 hours can you do it 17:15? I would appreciate that man.
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