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Found 3 results

  1. Shoutout to fellow skiller friends :- D @Xex @Killbob @Aelin @PK Guy @3AT 99 ALL @Bailey Jay @Fantastic @goat @1 slap
  2. How it could look Red zone: 15 rune ores 15 magic trees In order to enter the red zone - you must pay 1000 Pk points - You are able to Note the items there - If you Disconnect or log out (you will spawn outside of the area) Yellow zone: In order to enter the yellow zone - You must pay 2500 Pk Points - You must wear The full rogue set - You must be atleast 80 thieving - If you disconnect or log out (you will spawn outside of the area) White zone In order to enter the white zone - You must pay 1000 Pk points (per 10 spawns) to spawn a boss - You will be teleported into A Instance for yourself only - It could also teleport you to an instance of your Slayer task (for yourself only) - In the Slayer area , If you consider to add it You will be inside till you Dc or teleport out (Same with boss if you dc mid the boss fight you will Fight your next one , Lose 1 kill) Brown zone: In order to enter the brown zone - You must pay 3000 Pk points - All revenants are in it - Can be instanced for yourself aswell - You are inside of it untill you dc / Log out - If you die there you do not lose your items (SAFEZONE) Black zone: A shop for legendary donator's How to earn the points Do stuff on the Legendary donator zone Example: You Kill 10 bosses (example Kraken) - You receive 15 points Afk zone (1 point per 30minutes) Thieving (is basiaclly afk aswell every 30minutes 1 point) - add more ideas if you have any What should be in it - Ags 50 points - claws 100 points - Donator points 10 for 25points - elysian 200 points - Dragon-hunter-crossbow 50points - Toxic staff of dead: 25points - Custom box (1000points) - Partyhats / santa / hweens (normal ones) 250 points per - 3rd age pieces 500 points per piece - Infernal cape 8000 points @Gretar @Smackd @JBLIND
  3. Hi ! I know most of you doesn't really skill, but PLEASE, consider these suggestions, as skilling atm is pretty dead content: Add a "high alch" to pets (not exactly high alching, but something to get back from extra pets that are at bank with no use at all.) To prevent this. PVM pets = "High alching" will give you PK Points Skilling pets = "High alching" will give you Skilling Points Donator pets = "High alching" will give you Donator points And so on with the type of pet that are ingame. Fix bank system, switch it as OSRS. (Not whole bank, just this, so that it lets you withdraw "X" quantity (14 for example) and within two clicks you have your inv with whats needed to skill. To get fletch/crafting/smith/herblore (if planning adding it).. (That part, not the whole bank, as i said.) BUFF infernals for skilling. They literally have the same speed and use than a dragon, but the only diff is that they randomly do an extra skilling action. For that, i'd suggest editing their price to 5-7k. If first suggesiton is viable, i'd also suggest adding achievements to "High alching" pets, and finishing them all unlocks title "The Alcher", or something like that. Add Herblore ingame? High level unlocks the creation of divine potions to PVM/PK (BIS Pots)? Unlocking skillcape gives a little boost to the skill which you've achieved the mastery. Maxing all skills unlocks the true master skillcape ( which can be "operated" and teleported to an unique spot for those players, or something like that). Add skilling point titles (As we have PKP, Vote, Donator points, add the Chopper, the Fisher, etc, etc). If you have any other idea, let me know. I know its maybe not a priority ingame, but please, consider this into further updates. Thanks for the time. El Pibe.
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