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  1. I don't even PK in deep nor with ancestrals. LOL !!! Should expect a little more from a global admin, rather than going with ad hominem argument. Funniest part is im not the boy who're actually shit talking!! Have a good night!
  2. You're a Global Admin, should know how to make a proper poll even if its unoficial. Its totally biased. Should re do the hole poll & make it impartial. After reading your description it induces to vote for what you want the people to vote. After this, considering you won't edit nothing, what for? To make it easier to clans control whole wilderness/donator cave?? Im fine how it is. Let the independent people who won't join a pking clan have any defence against people piling them.
  3. My feedback is for what I expect from staff, that's actually being helpfull in help clan chat, response on yell questions, not toxicity, so my feedback goes in this direction, so most of staff that are actually in a PK clan wont recieve any feedback, just a - With this, my feedback goes like this: Owner Gretar - Playtime: NaN - Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 52 Hours (+83 AFK) - Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN - Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 80 Hours (+144 Hours AFK) The best staff ingame, sincerely, remarking that with his rank, he could just afk & do whatever he wants, but he answers questions at pm & chat and also give advice to players on whats better to do. What i mostly like of Fant is he's not toxic at all, maybe im wrong, but the few times i've interacted with him, he uses kind words, and i remark this, as staff should always be polite to everyone. JBLIND - Playtime: 55 Hours (+56 Hours AFK) - Player Moderator I don't know what are you waiting to promote Supremium. Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 30 Hours (+26 Hours AFK) - Gied4Life - Playtime: 37 Hours (+65 Hours AFK) - A Pixel - Playtime: 58 Hours (+73 Hours AFK) - Server Support(s) Supremium - Playtime: 90 Hours (+81 Hours AFK) I still wonder why he's still a server support, or he really loves Roatpkz, or i don't know, cuz since i've returned to roatpkz (before christmas), he has been a server support since, and haven't seen him get promoted nor complaining about it. I'd say the real MVP from Roatpkz, kind, respectful guy, and that's what i expect. I hate people that go for the rank & goes afk or just show off the rank in a pk clan. (Considering his rank, i'd say hes above Fant). Constantly answering quesitons at help clan chat, pms, knows almost everything of the game, prices, guides, he deserves much more than what he is. PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 13 Hours (+12 Hours AFK) - Fruitiest - Playtime: 28 Hours (+61 Hours AFK) Lately seen this guy helping & appriciate it. Tulrak - Playtime: 266 Hours (+63 Hours AFK) I'll say something just cuz of the playtime, but sincerely haven't seen you even at yellchat. Gz Goat - Playtime: 185 Hours (+134 Hours AFK) Nice difference between playtime & afk time :,) ! The difference is getting bigger in favour of Real playtime! :D Karishma - Playtime: 69 Hours (+284 Hours AFK) - Death Dream - Playtime: 8 Hours (+22 Hours AFK) - ___ Promotions & demotions: You were all promoted for a reason, hope you understand the new role in the community you have, and must act accordingly. Flage2 has been promoted to Server Support Tom Riddle has been promoted to Server Support KILLOTOE has been promoted to Server Support Bind U Dead has been promoted to Server Support Yamiha has been promoted to Server Support
  4. Hi ! I know most of you doesn't really skill, but PLEASE, consider these suggestions, as skilling atm is pretty dead content: Add a "high alch" to pets (not exactly high alching, but something to get back from extra pets that are at bank with no use at all.) To prevent this. PVM pets = "High alching" will give you PK Points Skilling pets = "High alching" will give you Skilling Points Donator pets = "High alching" will give you Donator points And so on with the type of pet that are ingame. Fix bank system, switch it as OSRS. (Not whole bank, just this, so that it lets you withdraw "X" quantity (14 for example) and within two clicks you have your inv with whats needed to skill. To get fletch/crafting/smith/herblore (if planning adding it).. (That part, not the whole bank, as i said.) BUFF infernals for skilling. They literally have the same speed and use than a dragon, but the only diff is that they randomly do an extra skilling action. For that, i'd suggest editing their price to 5-7k. If first suggesiton is viable, i'd also suggest adding achievements to "High alching" pets, and finishing them all unlocks title "The Alcher", or something like that. Add Herblore ingame? High level unlocks the creation of divine potions to PVM/PK (BIS Pots)? Unlocking skillcape gives a little boost to the skill which you've achieved the mastery. Maxing all skills unlocks the true master skillcape ( which can be "operated" and teleported to an unique spot for those players, or something like that). Add skilling point titles (As we have PKP, Vote, Donator points, add the Chopper, the Fisher, etc, etc). If you have any other idea, let me know. I know its maybe not a priority ingame, but please, consider this into further updates. Thanks for the time. El Pibe.
  5. Hey guys! Im not really into clue scrolls, but i assume as usual, it benefits rich people. I thought it would be good to add a loan system ingame, because as i can read in help cc, some clue scrolls require to wield donator shop items such as Katana (21k pkp), and those items are: Really expensive. Not really a market for them to re-sell, and if you find it you'll get merched for sure. (Richer get richer, as usual). So im suggesting adding like a loaning system. Of course that between known players they can loan it by a simple trade, but no one will trust new players or "unranked" and give them the Katana for example. So that's why im suggesting on adding a loan system, where you can give items required for a clue scroll for 1 hour - 2 hour - 24 hour, and you recieve some PKP for the loan. Maybe the items that are added into the loan system are ONLY the ones from donator shop (as they dont affect pking mainly), and LENT items WONT count as +1 in Wildy, it'll be auto kept, to ensure the loaner that the item its safe. Hope you could have some empathy after reading the suggestion, and feel what a new player with no extra 20-30k to waste on a Donator Shop item would do in order to finish the clue scroll. If in your opinion its balanced as it is, because if not "many people will finish the task", then i'd suggest also making it way harder to get the clue scroll drop..
  6. Official Starting Guide Now you're into RoatPkz. What's the path you willing to take? PK. Skilling. PVM. Secondly, before getting into the guide, you can simply type ::shops , and don't ever forget: Mazchna (PKP Shop) is the PKP Store. You can get all the untradables & most pk weapons from it. After the introduction, it's time to make decisions. As it was mentioned above, you can choose between three options. PK As it is a PK server, you maybe willing to spawn & pk. To search for items you want to spawn, type ::getid . ALL UNTRADABLES are kept all over Wilderness, not only under level 20. After hitting the bank, you can choose between getting spawnables inside bank or not. Don't worry if you get tons of spawnables inside bank, you can simply type inside chatbox ::removealljunkfrombank -> and they're all gone. Now its time to spawn items & pk. But how? Spawn server presets 2. Create your own preset & spawn it within 2 clicks! For this, go inside the Quest tab, to the Crossed Swords button! Just select the items, put the items in your inventory the best way that suits you and save it! Then you only have to go to: Quest tab -> the crossed swords tab inside quest tab -> Click the Custom Kit you've just created & PK! Pking is not what you mostly enjoy doing? Skilling You have 11 unique skills. 10 of the 11, for skilling will give you Skilling Points. This can be right clicked & claimed as Pk Points (10 Skilling points = 1 Pk Point), or you can save the Skilling Points & buy supplies for every single skill. To start skilling you can simply type ::skill or if you don't want to roam arround the island, you can just type ::"theskillyouwant" , for example, ::mining or ::cooking and you'll go directly to the respective zone. This is an ilustrative example, but it is the same for every skill. You will see a NPC like this for every skill. From it, you can buy/sell supplies & buy unique skilling outfits. Each part of the outfit will give a 2-2,5% bonus xp leading to a 10% bonus xp for the complete set. For more information of each skill, just click the skill you wanting and it'll show you what you need for each level. The last skill, is Slayer. You can start this with ::Slayer but WATCH OUT! Its Wilderness based skill, all tasks are inside Wilderness, so beware from pkers!!!!!! You can teleport to task with the Enchanted Gem (It's free in the reward shop, but you have 10 teleports per task.) PVM To know what bosses are available ingame type ::Drops . Appart from showing the NPCs you can kill (Kraken, Roat Pkz Champs & Zulrah are safe zoned), it show what it drops and what's the chance of getting it. To improve the drop rate, you can ::vote & get a 60 minutes boost, or DONATE to increase the drop rate PERMANENTLY. To teleport to all bosses you can talk to this guy, arround ::home Bonus As this is a limited guide, just to show the basics of Roat Pkz, i'll give you an useful addon from the server. To buy/sell items you can go to ::Tp (Trading Post). This works as a Grand Exchange, but watch out! Sometimes items are way overpriced, so better get staff help to get the prices correct before over paying !!!!!
  7. What an update, looking forward to see the bank update in order to skill, but great work @Gretar !!!
  8. I guide myself because of help at help cc and sometimes the time that they take to answer my pms. Global Admin(s) Smackd - Nothing to say, as his playtime shows, haven't even seen him online. Administrator(s) Legend - Fantastic Cx - Best staff, helpful when he's on, sometimes he's even giving us a hand at help cc and never seen him saying something out of context, or insulting and that type of stuff. JBLIND - Maybe he does something, but sincerely haven't seen him neither at help cc or anywhere. (And pretty toxic IMO). Player Moderator Rag Bot V1 - Gied4Life - A Pixel - Seen him lately (last few days on & helping new players, thats what i expect from staff). Server Support(s) Supremium - Second best staff of the server, helpful, answers pms and know every single items market price. 24/7 inside Help cc where people really asks & needs help and also, haven't seen him saying a bad word to anyone, can't say the same for the rest staff crew. (playtime proves my point). PM2GETBODIED - Fruitiest - Didn't even know he was server support. Tulrak - I'd rather have quality than quantity. My playtime must be from a different GMT, but gratz mate! Goat - That AFK "playtime" Dang! Karishma - Sometimes gets into help cc & answers and helps us with newbies questions. Death Dream - Started helping the month but he relaxed and left it a bit.
  9. Good to add it into the official guide, as new players dont know & understand much and it would be really useful/helpfull!!! Nice one Suprem!!!!!
  10. Hi roatz!!! Today i bring with the help of some skillers some brand new suggestions that can bring to the game some new life & incentives to skill/pvm! Add achievement for the Genie (answer correctly 10/100/500/1000) Adding achievement to the Genie also brings me a fun idea: -> Add GENIE PET (after answering the anti-bot you get a 1/1500 chance of it to appear, untradable of course). Doing ALL the achieves of answering correctly the Genie captcha will unlock an unique skin for the Genie Pet (if you're lucky enough to get it). Some ingame suggestions but not relate to the Genie: If you're holding PK Points in your inventory and you're buying "X" item from PKP Store IT WILL FIRST consume the PKP that are held on inventory, and not the ones in the Quest tab (Had calculated from the inventory PKP how much furies i could bought with it and bought tons more because of the money from the Quest tab and fucked up everything.) Infernals skilling items: They are worth 25k PKP for them to really have no difference between a Dragon Axe and them. For that price i'd boost them (more accuracy, maybe faster gathering resources, it is reaaaally dead content -> Not even talking about the fact that the firemaking/cooking xp it really gives is nearly null). Im not sure about this but i'd adjust prices of stores cuz eco is rare at the moment and now 5k is not really a challenge to get (an ags to begin with). Add more benefits for higher tier donators (Extreme-Legendary). Really paying hundreds of dollars for not a big difference between them & other donators.. (Maybe unique key from pvp/slayer keys/perks). IF you have any other idea similar but my idea is not the one representing what you've been thinking then let me know yours and make a big thread of suggestions! Thank you, have a good quarantine y stay safe! Madcusbad.
  11. I do really appriciate & support the "Achievements update".. But when i feel like the game is kidding with me , it crosses a line that's not good in my opinion. Should check what to do about it, because im not starting over what i've achieved in the past years.
  12. Hi Roatpkz. I thought while playing these last days a few suggestions. Edit the Skilling shops Buying a full inventory of expensive skilling point item will always ask you if you're sure of what you're buying (makes it inefficient ->add the option that says 'Dont ask me this again'. Let every single NPC arround the ::Skill area accept any skilling item that you're trying to sell back to them (Example: Buying ores from the mining guy can be sold to the thieving for example (just for time saving and dont having to run all way to smithing guy). (Or make a new general guy that does this near ::skill teleport). Edit vote rewards Voting bonus should add a reduced time & reduced xp (not double) boost. (Pkers have their bonus, PVMers have their bonus but not skillers yet. Skilling is really a challenge (I think x5 rate), so i'd boost it for the real skillers. Re-check Hpevent/Skotizo/Jad In my humble opinion it all depends on the clan that you're taking part of. If you like helping you're unable to even participate on this games (should be for all not for a few) -> When one of this events are running, i'd make a 'circle' arround the zone where its happening the event and work on some sort of "spell" that doesn't allow to know who's from your clan chat or who's a random guy (maybe disabling the right click clan members, or disable the minimap so you're not able to see who's in clan and who's not). I would make different types of Hpevent (not only 126s) -> make another type of hpevent like for pures, or lower levels (adjusting the hp to their respective max hitting weaps available but always low level so that no one can really take any advantage going with higher level accounts). PVM As the same way that running outside wildy doesn't affect the running energy, i'd also make it that prayer lasts a bit longer than in the wilderness. Add slayer outside wildy. -> NO money gains, just xp (maybe reduced & slayer key droprate increased dramatically). This is because when you're not feeling like getting rushed by pkers every single time & wanting to level up your account i'd make this an option (but with its concecuences) -> Would also add ingame the Divine pots (out of wildy boost). Combat skills: You're able to 'set level' but the xp counter goes till 200m (wont be affected if you change your level, for the hiscores & grinds ->Add gilded alters (and so construction & make a new market for bones to get prayer levels). This is all for now, if you like an idea but got a different point of view for it just copy pasta it & make ur edition. Thanks for the time, hope to see any of this implemented soon! madcusbad
  13. Roatpkz staff team, first of all you're all great. im aware that the server has been on for years, and that's for a reason. Later on i'll be explaining why im writing this. First of all i'll give a quick but not less important feedback (Dec. 2019) Owner Global Admin(s) Administrator(s) Nothing to say about you. If you're there is because you've earned it. Only thing i'll say is for: Fantastic Cx: Best staff i've seen in many servers. Dedicated, polite, doesn't matter he's status he's always answering PMs & stuff. This is the kind of staff i am looking for on a server. Player Moderator(s) Im making a suggestion for them in the end of the topic, but its my opinion. For each of them in particular nothing to say. (Don't really use them, id rather ask server supports instead, so i am sorry but i can't say much about each of the Mods. Ps: Server Support(s) Ill make my thread mostly based on the SS, because they're always the most required (at least for me). Supremium: Good & colaborative at Help chat. Sometimes hard to answer for me the questions (don't really know the prices of almost every item ingame), but Supremium always answers even in chat or if i pm him any price-> possitive thing). Frutiest: Haven't really shared much but also colaborative & helpfull at help chat. PM2GETBODIED: - Goat: Always working for the good of Roat. SS's needs more people like this. TGS Kyle: - Chelle: Also good guy & helpfull at the chat & pms. Tearin: - Im doing this feedback because im aware that the server has been working for long times & the 'toxicity' won't be removed. But PLEASE listen to this part. As in real life, we (the players, or persons) CANNOT talk to our bosses or whoever has the authority with bad words towards them (and in the other direciton also, staff can't treat players as their slaves). I mean, its a PVP server, but we must know who has the authority and who doesn't. Mutes/Kicks must be implemented as a real thing, not only when the guy really deserves it, and give Server Support (staff team also) rank in help chat in order to let them kick when a moderator is not online and a guy starts flooding & disciminating people inside help chat. Nothing else to say, have a good night. Madcusbad.
  14. Hi guys. The main idea of this suggestion is to keep on improving skilling that really has a great potential ingame! Firstly i'd like to suggest that the "X skill guy" that buys the item from that certain skill can also buy skilling pets for a fair price depending on the rarity of the pet in order to avoid having banked 200 pets of the same type (if luck enough of having 200 pets extra). Once 99 in any skilling stat im suggesting adding "Prestige/Reset". Whats this about? When you're 99, you're able to reset the skill, but now will be able to go to 120 (maybe after resetting getting a little increase of xp rate & better zone to skill), and once 120 on that skill you're able to get a trimmed unique cape (that maybe can have a good pking stats for it not to be barely cosmetic). Instead of wildy resourse area (concentrates lots of scouters and no one will really go skill there) i would add some random spots with ores, trees all round wilderness so if you want to go kill skillers you have to roam more arround wilderness and not only one teleport and thats it. Add skilling tasks -> skilling points. Using INFERNAL AXE/PICKAXE when the special of burning log/smelt ore is on it should also give skilling points that should be added directly to the stack you might have on the inventory from the genious or added to Skilling points. (high cost but i don't really see a benefit of paying for it). Thank you for reading, hope to recieve a feedback and listen to your thoughts or changes you'd apply to the main ideas! Madcus
  15. Well, sincerely its not my part at the server, i just suggest and try to improve the server sir..
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