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Halloween event guide by ratlords dreamrat

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Hey guys, dream here from ratlords, over the past few months ive been taking counselling and what not to stop ddosing and being toxic, my counsellor said to me the best thing for me to do to be able to get over my raging anger issues is to help others and be kind so this is my first step to overcoming raging autism/anger issues

step 1: tele ::hween

click the guy with blck things on image.png.df92c41554093dcca5a74467dbd0b6ad.png

Step 2: right click see the locations of bats!

step 3: go to those locations, kill bats (novice,easy)

step 4: pick up the wings

Step 5: Tele back to ::hween
Step 6: enjoy ur new pet :)


join ratlords public discord here : https://discord.gg/JaH4YuZ to show support towards my campaign to overcming autism/anger issues


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