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Invisibility & invincibility in dzone cave

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At certain places in the dzone Caves people turn invisible and you're unable to attack them. It's next to the wall right at the entrance and by the west wall in the middle of the super zone

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Idk how to replicate it, but I've experienced it at least 2 times already so it shouldn't be that hard to replicate.

I've been attacking someone who's been running from the north towards the entrance, and when they're frozen at or around the spot I'm standing on in the picture they've been invisible to me and I'm unable to attack them.


I know it's a bad picture, but it's in the first zone along the eastern wall.

I have experienced this issue at this spot too, where the same thing happens.


I don't know if it's related to the issue with NPC:s getting stuck in the walls, where revenants and hellhounds get stuck in the wall and when you try to attack them you get a message that you can't reach them.


I'll have recorder ready so I can try to catch it if it happens again. Idk if my explanation makes sense, but you can PM me and I'll try to make it clearer if you want.

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