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  1. Maybe your muscles are sore. I would try to increase strength to increase skilling endurance. If you think there’s something off; record it and report it as a bug.


    How much are you selling it for?
  3. Nice guide! How do I get that bow in your first picture?
  4. Hi! This is Jeff Bezos assistant. Mr. Bezos would like to pay you 100M in mystery boxes to delete this topic. Please consider his offer, Mike Hawk, Sr. Assistance Manager, Amazon INC [email protected] Hi, This is Quirk Diek, president of Heywoodyablome, the biggest country on Mars. The people of my country would like to ask mr. Bezos to not colonize our planet.
  5. “To report ragging or rushing at edge, video evidence of at least 10+ minutes of continuous ragging is needed. A 3 minute video is needed for else where.” nice one
  6. Lol nice clip of killing a skiller for 1k
  7. You only want SS because you’re power hungry and not because you want to help people. That’s why you’re getting declined. Try to change your mentality and stop being a douche to people you don’t agree with. Good luck!
  8. Cut your nails, it’s disgusting
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