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  1. “To report ragging or rushing at edge, video evidence of at least 10+ minutes of continuous ragging is needed. A 3 minute video is needed for else where.” nice one
  2. Lol nice clip of killing a skiller for 1k
  3. You only want SS because you’re power hungry and not because you want to help people. That’s why you’re getting declined. Try to change your mentality and stop being a douche to people you don’t agree with. Good luck!
  4. Cut your nails, it’s disgusting
  5. Stop acting like it’s a big deal that you killed him. I mean, he respawned the second after, didn’t he? You all are acting like you’re gangsters and think that killing someone on a copy of a 13 year old game is the shit.
  6. How are you legendary in the pictures that supposedly happened before those you are super donator in?
  7. Did you find anything good on sexual improvement?
  8. Very nice! Did you stop making vids though?
  9. Yeah that crystal is a solid 99/1000 — and you think she’s beautiful too! Shame she ghosted you though. Keep up the good job, one day you might lose your virginity!
  10. I’m sorry, was I talking to you? Do you need some attention? Very cool gif, you are very intelligent. Now continue your day.
  11. Lol it’s the mind that thinks, not the soul. But ok...
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