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Magic vs Ranged - Ranged is broken


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Hey guys, this may seem like just a 'salty' post, but it really isn't. This is pretty self explanatory because of the title, and I'm sure a lot of the Roat Pkz community could agree, bolting is broken. Magic splashes way too often OFF prayer, compared to being able to bolt 20+ through prayer, like it isn't even there.

Yes this statement could be argued with the fact that "ITS [email protected]@! FUCKIGN NOOB!!!!", but no this isn't the case. Yes, RNG does play a factor in the hits, but the consistency of the range compared to mage hits, is ridiculous. It feels like magic is nerfed or ranged is buffed, or maybe even both. Try it for yourself, bolt your opponent in a tri-brid match the whole fight, and then the next fight mage your opponent the whole fight, and see which one is superior.

I'm making this post because it ruins the fun of tri-bridding, and bolting rng is ridiculously overpowered in these fights, and I think it would be a great idea to consider balancing it.  Thanks.

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