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bEEtLe joocE humiliated for 200k+

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Once again we are here gathered to witness another rsps slap around gettin absolutly bullied for his entire bank =_P like this litte new gender teen boy "bEEtLe joocE" or should i say "Brainclicker" or should i say "choco   boy" or should i say "mvvgo" well this midget has many alt accounts to pk with =_P well now that his alts are exposed... i guess he makes new one again to pk freely at ;;hills =_P man has like 5 different alt accounts but he has 6 different personalities :O weird right! haha was nice catching up midget... oh btw this man died in elysian spirit shield haha 60 ags to the head and sissy boy was down =_P well better luck next time haha ! :D


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