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  1. maybe post the actual hit as proof of the kill? try ::settings maybe :^P
  2. Song is the only good thing about this video.
  3. you finally in a team or they just using you as a ragger lol
  4. Imagine wanting to be staff on this game.
  5. Only feedback I have is that jblind watches pokémon hentai
  6. lmfao it really be on my chest tho #G UNIT
  7. Funniest shit ever, gg retards


    Ffs don’t make me ground you.
  9. Ok first to the top, no wheelchairs allowed @Yoeriwada
  10. Personally I think I should have been the one to make this topic with my first language being English, but ofc king keytracker has to show his DOMINATION. Oshe I’ve got your Mum and dads phone number, give key 100k or I ns their phones r0flr0flr0fl
  11. Bro you’ve got 36 subcribers and you try so hard, I’ve got 50 and I’ve got no videos, want my yt account man?
  12. The only kills you get on us are our suicide tber account lmfao faggot. You seem to forget the fact that merked got lured to 50s and killed for 1k+, but nvm you’re too focused on getting kills worth 50 pkp. Stay where you belong ::edgepvp weirdo
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