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i dont briid

A more reliable kill looting system

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This suggestion is pretty basic. Currently it is quite annoying as free spawnables keep popping up on top of valueable items such as abyssal whip, big piles of runes, neitz helms etc.


This suggestion would make up for quicker looting system for a player & get back to pking on instant. Items which hold pkp value (shown dark orange text in pile) should always be shown on top of a lootpile above spawnables when right clicking a pile of loot. This system should be somewhat accurately on pkp value of an item. by accurately I mean items which are worth more pkp than other valueable items should always be on top first. This also applies for Emblems and such.

A top to bottom order example of valueable items on right click menu of a kill lootpile just to give insight;

1. Dragon claws (40,000 pkp)

2. Amulet of fury (500pkp)

3. Berserker ring (i) (250 pkp)

4. Dharoks platebody (100 pkp)

5. Dharoks platelegs (100 pkp)

6. Dharoks greataxe (75 pkp)

7. Dragon boots (60pkp)

8. Dharoks helm (50pkp)

When there are no more valueable items left in the pile worth pkp currency, the order of spawnable items dont really matter.

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Agreed. May not be an urgent update, but should definitely be considered to improve the quality of wilderness. @Gretar

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