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  1. #FairyPrincessSparkleTimeWithMarshmellowsAndWhippedCream will win it 100% guarantee it!
  2. Finally, updates that aren't useless! @Gretaryou get a yes from me for once. Good job noob, get better at coding tho, can still lure using no clipped edge, useless tho bc loot don't show up and the person who got lured just basically ::emptied some loot.
  3. all trash pvmers that help no1 except 4 jackthat and sandal, rest should be given an "exam" to test their knowledge abt game.
  4. Why is a demonic gorilla killer a ss? He bots it all day and flames everyone who tries to kill him at 44s. Also rwts @Gretar
  5. Kdr On Point- Cd member(wtf is cd, crossdressers?) with 30 barrage using rags. Ty 4 free loot dumb fuck.
  6. Tiger0n4oids

    smackd is a lyre

    Smackd smacked me reported for child abuse
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