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  1. Text: TIGER0N4OIDS Size: 128 x 128 px Colors: Orange, red, yellow, black (basically tiger colors :D) The better it is, the happier weโ€™ll both be
  2. The only thing I pvm is jad, and revs. You also proved my point that you are a broke motherfucker. Only people who cant afford it are stakers who stake every 5k they make.
  3. Mans really flexing a 15 killstreak and many, many suicide attempts
  4. The reason its so cheap is because its not permanent, pvp armours only last 120 minutes during combat.
  5. He legit just names all the clanโ€™s that have been active in the past 7 months and posted a topic lmfao
  6. If you canโ€™t keep up with the new and advanced techniques if 2020 nhing, donโ€™t pk. And either way, ever tried nhing at ::chins? Only broke nhers pk there and its almost always active.
  7. Only reason ppl arent able to afford such cheap gear is because every time they get 2.5k they go straight to ::duel. Its extremely cheap and convenient for everyone. I bet if you ever had the money to be able to buy a set, youโ€™d never complain. The only people who complain are the poor stakers who never pk/pk for a few hundred pkp, and thats facts.
  8. U do remember that ahk was patched a few months ago right?
  9. Xex is the only one who can turn a str8 man gay (bc he is transgender)
  10. What about the pk cape that used to need 100 kills? Make that 2500 kills to wear and the fire earth and water 1k kills. Would be easy to implement and more unique content.
  11. Smackd been real quiet since this update...
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