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Server support - Yiyo

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I must say, @YIYO is incredibly helpful. I have not logged into the game in almost 2 years and with so much changed it was extremely comforting to get the much needed help from Yayo guiding me around. He was very patient and is beyond helpful, a true pillar to this great community.

Well done to the superiors that made him server support, that was a wise decision! 

I hope to see more staff like Yiyo in the near future, thank you.

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4 hours ago, YIYO said:

thank you dude, always i help new players


thats why ur ss :D


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I COMPLETELY 2nd this! not trying to throw anyone under the bus... but YIYO goes above and beyond for players! same as the guy above.. back after around a year, and I do a lot of dumb stuff.  YIYO helps out with it all, and even when he cant help with something (kicking an account when I forget to log off at work) he tracks down someone that can for me and keeps me updated until its done. You guys are lucky to have him on staff and he deserves mod consideration for sure! 

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