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I've was been macced for a year and few days ago i've pmed  "Jordan" on discord and asked if he could look into it and maybe unmac me.

So he did and unmacced my account named " Kill2kill " , but I had to mine 800 ore's and it took me few days to do it. about 2 hours ago i've mined those 800 ore's and got out of jail and was enjoying my free account. So I went staking with the vote points i've voted for and few minutes later i've been macced again for NO Reason. 



I've got also 2 other accounts named Jofreh & King mahan. They're also banned for a reason but i've earned my unban(mac) so there was no sense to mac me again for literally no reason? (ask Rag Bot V1) I've asked him literally  " i'm a free man if I get out jail by mining those ore's? and he said yes. So why you guys just randomly maccing me? 


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2 hours ago, Khalil said:

Hmm strange I’ll check this when on pc as I can see no-one remacbanned you. Did this happen as you were trying to log into your macbanned accounts?

This is very strange and no this didn't happend when I tried to log-in to my macbanned accounts. 

One staff-member did this for sure, as I've said to Rag bot aswell ( I hope this wont bring an issue if i'm out of jail and my 2 other mains are still 'mac banned' that if a staff checks me and sees and thinks ive unmacced myself...

1 hour ago, Fantastic said:

Can you link the ban when you click 'view punishment'?

You can send the link in PMs.

Pmed you 

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