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Message display: i made a suggestion about this before and it got ignored by the looks of it, can we get an option in the game so we can set colours to clan chat, you can barely tell the difference between yell chat and clan chat cause of the same colour display, its annoying.

Slayer shop buff?: u gain like 20-40 slay points per task and there is barely anything worth buying in the slayer store, slayer shop needs a big buff, that is item prices to be decreased and new items into the slayer shop will make it much more beneficial.

side note: you can only enter slayercave if you have the combat 126? let me know what you guys think on this opinion

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Message Display isn’t a bad idea, you can always filter out your chats for now by right clicking the tabs.

Main thing bought in the slayer shop is the mace, craw’s bows and imbued hearts, most people tend to do slayer for profit but new items for the shop is never a bad idea.

Slayer cave: High risk high reward factor as most of the normal spots were people tend to do slayer are packed and the cave is way more efficient.

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I suggested before that we should have new slayer armour that increases your defence and have a better chance surviving at the wilderness.

For the filter chats it's obvious to seperate yell from the clan chat because it already says the clan name and most probably coloured! but I don't mind having an option where you can set any color you want for the chats and private messages.

Good day!


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