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Flower Poker League


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This is out of the blue. I hope to see an official Roatpkz Flower Poker gambling League, Where you can enter for a specific fee and win a tripled prize! The amount of participants is very limited and small. Should be hosted at east of FP, Could bring more content to the server and give players a better chance at rebuilding if the prize is awarded.

Allow players to put Wagers on the winning individuals for like 25% extra profit. And watch hell of a fight!

Add Gambling leaderboard with points earned for a special reward after 24Hours!


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15 minutes ago, Boney Money said:

What do you mean by tripled prize? Will that money be coming from the game or players?

From the host. But players will definitely enter with a Fee so that will cause them to spend PKP on the League, Therefore some of the Players PKP will go to the winner and the rest to sinking the economy. Everybody wins!

For example 8 Player enter and pay the FEE (25K for example), That's 200K in. The winner could get 75-100K from that and the rest to the server.

Or we can deal the rest with the Wagers and benefit players who bet on the right individual.

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5 hours ago, 1 slap said:

I mean🤷‍♂️ idk how this would work 😂 youtubers do this now and then mate just jump in on that

I honestly don't gamble anymore so I shouldn't bother any longer. But since the gambling content is massive in Roatpkz, thought there should be something interesting and bring new updates to the server. I only gave head points, didn't dig deeper with this one so Gretar shall know how it would work since we have World cup and such tournament events. It's really something similar but different type of content, and probably would be easier for youtubers to host Tournaments / Leagues at this point and have lots of more fun!

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