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New boss suggestion? Boost Server votes!

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A fun suggestion that grows server by making players VOTE more.. how?

- Add a Vote Boss  name it whatever you want..

- Spawns at random locations every 200 server Vote? or more if you want!

- Add ::voteboss to teleport, like ::jad etc

- When the BOSS dies every player that attacked gets 1 Vote box & 1 Point, and a WIN CHANCE % that gives a chance at a good drop for a specfiec player just like NEX.

- Drops can be Vote phat? bulk vote points? bulk vote boxes? INFERNAL CAPE as a VERY UNIQUE?


Trust me this will make Players vote more and more! and its a VERY good event to hold.

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A vote boss that spawns every X amount of server votes... this could work I suppose - would be ideal to have it so that once someone types ::claim to get their vote it should tell them that there are X amount of votes remaining until a boss will spawn, providing incentive to tell their friends to vote as well 

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This could be something cool aslong as it's a (custom) boss that fits the gamestyle. It shouldn't be too often and maybe try to bring it in a way everyone can benefit from it. If it's just a normal wildy boss the one or two biggest clans at that moment will control it and farm more. It would be awesome to implement something into the wilderness where you're not obliged to be part of the biggest clans to participate to also stimulate single players & smaller teams.


Also I think it would work that you can only go to ::voteboss and attack the boss if you've voted in the past 24 hours (to climb the toplists even more). Because if you'd think through the perspective of an individual player there is no really reason to vote 'just to get the vote numbers up'. You'll just have a little patient and play on and wait till it spawns (or vote when it's really really close).


Overall an interesting idea and worth discussing about!

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