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Multi-War Tournaments!

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Imagine a tournament but it's multi!

Massive war with all the same kits, people could pay 100-10000 pkp to participate and winners split the prize (who cares about prizes though, free is better for participation), maybe most damage tanked/given gets a % extra of the pot. I just participated in a 4v30 multi war and had this epiphany. I think it would be a good change up to the singles tournies and people would enjoy a server wide multi war :D.

You could kit out in various loadouts from max to complete troll. maybe it's random rolled for kit load outs leading to some unfair tournies but would be more fun to get max to cosmetic gear.

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Look let me help you with something. all this side content ideas are just it. gretar is main focus to make the server better than anyone so his aiming up higher, so far roatpkz has achieved many success and came close to osrs with flawless server and bug free, if anything it will become like rs3 with high quality so that's what he is aiming to provide a better quality server with more sucess rates but roatpkz had it difficult im just writing not every word is correct but think bigger if u were in his shoes u wouldnt focus on doing side things like this and ur mind is free, he is taking long to add korasi so what do u think he would be making? if he is procrastinating so much then he means he is willing to do so much but then u cant overwhelm urself with that and do it with 1 day, so he is obviously failing, but take a look back how the server were and now. its kinda broken, i hope he finds the thing that binds it and close this painy ass hole, @Gretar do u agree of this? hope to know

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