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Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS! April 2024. $1,250 IN REWARDS!


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Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS!
Thanks to everyone for participating, here are the winners! To claim your winnings - please DM "gretar, hemmi or smckd" on Discord! Anyone who participated can DM "smckd" or "hemmi" on Discord for either 25M OSRS or 25 in-game Credit participation reward! 😄

Judging these videos was not easy, many videos could have been placed higher or lower. Reminder, this contest was not judged by one singular person, but rather the entire staff team using a point-based system as shown below.

Judge Scale

10 Points 1.
8.5 Points 2.
7.5 Points 3.
6.5 Points 4.
5 Points 5.
4 Points 6.
3 Points 7.
2 Points 8.
1 Points 9.
0 Points 10.
0 Points 11.
0 Points 12.
0 Points 13.

1st Place: Wolf & Tesfxye

2nd Place: oMods

3rd place: Boney 

4th: Jay

5th: KEKY

Now for some honorable mentions, many of these videos missed the top 5 by a point or less.

Honorable Mentions








13 Trout


Thank you to everyone who entered, this was the best competition we've had to date. Some of these videos outside of the top 5 would have won first place in recent competitions.

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