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  1. Get adamzor to commentate it again so other people have a chance to win
  2. Remember when I ate curry for a living? i still do
  3. Jblind and smackd play time is false.
  4. Remember when u were forum mod and sold me peoples info
  5. No pid and u wanna say no gmaul.... dumb orphan
  6. This is your Competition now ahking is detected
  7. LOOOOOOL this freak still going ffs just ban him off forums
  8. Get your own clips first then think about a YouTube banner u fat freak
  9. LOOOOL Freak it’s 2020
  10. Once roat add something more defensive than divine and a pakyak so they can bring more than 15 brews you guys won’t stand a chance
  11. Bad pkers good rng stick to roat
  12. You just made up a quote in your Kanker mongool language
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