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  1. Explain? I don’t think u have the brain cells to understand what I meant by it
  2. Loool such a roatpkz pker you’re dogshit
  3. Tesfxye

    i need some help

    That’s some trill nigga shit bro i dropped to the floor for cover whilst reading it
  4. Adamzor
  5. LOOOL why am I not at duel arena in that pic? Imagine faking it
  6. He’s broke and made me degear to match him, no ma2 cape d def dboots etc
  7. Tesfxye


    Wonder which freak this is
  8. Ok I guess I’ll make it Why are u upset @J[ag] [E] S[vensk]
  9. Don’t make me make it into a video ffs you know how embarrassing it was for you at cpvp
  10. LOOOOOL did you really get someone to go on exiled with my name so you could take a pic
  11. Remember what happened when u came on a server where skill mattered hhh
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