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  1. Finally finish ::master zone for max cape zone. I think that’s what it was called
  2. My favourite part was when u got that kill
  3. I agree with everything in this
  4. Tesfxye


    No way you’re still shit
  5. Tesfxye


    Stopped him plenty times
  6. - rework hitboxes - make alien armour cost more - remove ability to swap your prayers
  7. Right amount of donating and luck isn’t an issue
  8. No I don’t u cheerleader faggot
  9. Comment on this one bc it’s the only one u aren’t dead for Max in
  10. so they can drop the junk and delete the other items biggest item sink
  11. Rag bot doing really good smackd and j same as usual dictatorship khaled seems to be maturing through puberty and hopefully will grow up to be a great addition to the staff team Darius614 is a facist fantasitc is a rat
  12. Jblind told me he changed your account settings
  13. i am disabled and cannot find my wheelchair
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