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  1. Bullying hatcx in HD would be nice
  2. or just don’t be static
  3. Salah or benzema depends who wins UCL
  4. rag bot dead for max on the real game
  5. Tesfxye


    Should’ve been @Smackd instead.
  6. #nex protect - pm “baz” for rates of protection/off at singles nex.
  7. The real jblind coming out now
  8. This game isn’t meant to be skill based
  9. Smackd is too busy eco cleaning on his valence account Jblind, king art, ragbot and 2 wapens are quality over quality when it comes to their hours. Doing very good. baz is a legend boney money is boney money
  10. LOL shut your mouth you broke begging faggot, I’m the reason you don’t enjoy pking
  11. Why don’t you just pk then
  12. Tesfxye


    @Boney Moneystop trying bro
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