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  1. You’re a spastic if u can’t see the eat animation on your spec and the melee prot for when you gmaul would’ve gone off youll never be as good as me so suck your mum and if u wanna fight me again up your risk and lmk One lucky person who has liked and subscribed will receive baz’s full dox
  2. Father and son duo take the second spot, if I made a solo vid I would’ve got first
  3. @Parbyour kind of thing bro
  4. @Smackdfix this ASAP dumb orphan
  5. You’ve been dogshit for 10 years
  6. LOOOOOL shut your mouth victim faggot no one cares, if you think Em anyone is reading that you’re a spastic
  7. Realistically anyone could do the job so who cares
  8. Tesfxye


    @Bazhelp this a7e ASAP
  9. Got me 99 agility within 1 day for a really good price. Trustworthy and efficient, would definitely recommend using this service
  10. At least he fights actual pkers
  11. Still need to implement in game rewards for using forums if people want forums to be active like they used to be
  12. No more fake giveaways from 2wapens
  13. shall i post the evoidence of your rwting?
  14. Tesfxye

    Fifa 21

    Not all of us rwt
  15. I’ll get you demoted again
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