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  1. cant wait to be part of the team again. Everyones doing a great job
  2. Tesfxye

    fun time

    Is there anything you can’t do?
  3. Just double checked, these prices are accurate.
  4. Bro why would you quit when you’re become server support next month…
  5. Tesfxye


    Been sayin that big j
  6. If you’re looking for. 1v1 though why not go hills, riskzone or dzone like I said there is no reward for someone risking 500k to kill someone risking 0
  7. There already is tiers just lost people risk over 50k why would someone pking in 500K risk want to fight someone risking nothing just to kill them and the person to return again risking. I thing. There is no reward for the risk. You need to think of it from every pov not just your own If a team is focussing someone in 10k risk their risk protection drops to 10k so you’d only have to bring 10K risk to hit them i agree mage and the combat system in general needs to be worked on
  8. Not familiar with who you are but I appreciate the unbias feedback. Respect brother.
  9. https://roatpkz.com/accounts/ try this g
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