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The BH darkbow needs to be removed from 10+ wild. it way to accurate and way to strong to be being used the way it is, its making the game un enjoyable. We cant even have an event like wyrm, coded too deal magic damage. its un logical, it deals heavy damage and if your not praying mage your taking a lot. the second your not praying range your getting hit a 96 dbow by a void spawn set risking absolutely 0 pkp. These boss's either need to be coded to deal range damage, so you can pray against the darkbow, or it needs to be removed from 10+ its hardly possible to attend these events pvming. As well as its getting abused else where, singles + multi.. its nearly guarantee's too hit 50 on prayer almost every spec. in multi all it takes is 3 or 4 people to dbow rush you at the same time on prayer and your dead. Hell, all it takes is 2 people given the right rng. not to mention if the first set of specs from them doesn't kill u the second set surely will. As well as on staff specs in singles, what the point of staff specing when your then getting dbow'd constant 50s on prayer or if u don't pray it and get hit a 90. your honestly probably better off to just not staff spec and try to pray melee hits. Above 10 wild, your using setups which usually consist of brews, a few combo food or maybe 1 triple eat.. your not expecting to get hit 96 dbows and have a full inventory of triple eats like you are @ edgeville or 10- wild. its in a unbearable state at this point, making the wilderness of this game unenjoyable. why we allowing it to continue?

For example, this boss seems to be hitting roughly 20s on prayer and nearly 40s off prayer. say your 121hp and have triple eats, the boss hits you a 20 on prayer immediately  after you get dbow'd 90, your 11 hp, triple eat which heals 56, now your 67 hp, pray the second dbow spec and get hit even a 40 on prayer dbow and a 40 off prayer hit from the boss, all before you can eat again. its unlivable. Being as strong and accurate the damage from this boss is, as well as strong and accurate the damage from the darkbow, especially in a void setup can be, its common for this to happen. 

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