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[Mandatory] Official Roat Pkz In-Game Rules


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Rule #5 re-written. (removes confusion about 'deceiving')

#5 Account Hacking/Stealing.
Players of the Roat Pkz community are not allowed to access and/or tampering with another player account(s) without consent, etc.

#5b Item Scamming
Scamming & Hacking. Scamming other players on Roat Pkz is not allowed. This does not include the likes of switching items in trade screens and switching rules whilst at the Duel Arena. But things like 'doubling pkp', luring or stealing items (trust trades, etc) along-with scamming at ::risk is not allowed. In almost all cases you will not be refunded, however the player who scammed you will be punished. Punishments will range from black marks, account bans, and in some cases permanent account bans.

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#5c Item Scamming

Although scamming is allowed in relation to switching items in trade screens or switching rules at the Duel Arena, one can still be punished if a certain player or a group of individuals are known to be doing this to an excessive amount. If that happens to be the case, Staff may punish the player(s) involved. Staff may only proceed to take action once the player(s) involved have been warned and they continue to carry out the scam they were warned about or any other scam. 

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Edited some rules to clarify things (these aren't exactly 'new' rules, just making it clearer given that these types of offences are on the increase.)

Rule #2: Use of Cheat Clients or 3rd Party Software

Botting falls under this category since autoclickers are 3rd party software...

Rule #13: Spamming

Very obvious, but you will be muted if you (or your clan) spam your clan recruitment yells multiple times in less than one minute intervals. There's really no need to do it that often. 

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