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[Mandatory] Official Roat Pkz In-Game Rules

Please read and make sure you understand the rules here at RoatPkz. Rules breakers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with according to their offence immediately. Excessively breaking the rules may result in a permanent in-game or forum ban. Please abide by the rules, which can be read as follows:

*Note: Minor offensive language (flaming) is allowed when pking, but please keep it to a minimum as you can still be punished if seen necessary. Pking is very competitive so minor flaming is, of course, very common. All other rules still apply, please take note of them below.

Rules of RoatPkz

Rule #1: Impersonation of Others
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community, especially staff members. Impersonation of a staff member may lead to an automatic ban. In addition, those who impersonate others in attempts to get another player punished will be severely punished.

Rule #2: Use of Cheat Clients or 3rd Party Software
Player of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to use any software that will render in a disadvantage to other players. This includes items such as DDoS Tools/Websites, Cheat Clients allowing personal advantages over other players, etc.

Rule #3: PKP Cheat or PKP Farming
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to engage in any actions that will result in the unfair gain of PKP items and/or points. This includes actions such as farming or boosting, (player intentionally allows another player to kill them repeatedly for PKP and/or killstreak) and cheating of any kind that allows an unfair advantage towards gaining or obtaining PKP.

Rule #4: Offensive Language, Flaming, or Disrespect
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to use language that may be considered offensive or obscene to other players in the community. This includes things such as excessive swearing, spamming, or harassment of any kind. Use of such language over yell is also highly problematic and players doing so will be punished accordingly (Use FFA yell to flame instead).

Rule #4b: Discrimination
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to discriminate against other players due to race, religious beliefs, gender expression, age, etc, that may make another player feel uncomfortable, isolated, or unwanted on RoatPkz. This is seen as unjust or prejudice treatment and is considered highly offensive.

Rule #5: Hacking & Account/Password/Item Scamming
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to hack other or deceive players in any way. This includes things such as knowingly lying about an items' price (check ::prices) or use through trading, staking, or risk fighting, gaining access and/or tampering with another player account(s) without consent, etc.

Rule #6: Deleterious Bug Abuse or Exploitation
Player of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to abuse or exploit any bugs or glitches that may cause an unfair advantage against other players, if you find any bugs please report them immediately. This includes but is not limited to actions such as noclipping in PvP or PvM areas whereas others cannot reach you during fights, using glitched items to become invisible during combat and/or duels, etc.

Rule #7: Account Trading, Selling, or Sharing
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to trade, sell any accounts. This includes but is not limited to any transactions regarding accounts within the Duel Arena. Trading or selling accounts will result in an immediate ban or permanent mute on your account. Account sharing is not recommended, but if you insist, any issues regarding sharing of accounts will not be dealt by the RoatPkz Staff Team.

Rule #8: RuneScape Wealth/Account Transactions
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to sell, buy, or trade RoatPKZ items or accounts attempting to RWT is also punishable and it is highly recommended against. Scams resulting from breaking this rule is your own fault and will not be dealt by the RoatPkz Staff Team. We do accept rsgp donations, please email [email protected] for rates.

Rule #9: Advertising
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to advertise for another server or website. Advertised sites may be malicious software and is highly recommended against visiting. Advertising will not be tolerated in-game, and will result in an immediate IpMute or IpBan.

Rule #10 Privacy Rights
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to release the personal information of another player without their explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to contact information (such as Skype, Facebook, Email, etc.), personal pictures, and other forms of real-life communication.

Rule #11: Griefing
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to grief/troll Castle Wars or any other mini-game implemented in the future. This includes but is not limited to going AFK inside of the mini-game, destroying barricades to allow the enemy past, or purposely allowing the other team to win due to your actions.

Rule #12: Ragging/Rushing
Players of RoatPkz community are not to rag or rush at Meth, Easts, Wests, Risk, Graves or Brid/Edgepvp. Punishments will be handed out on sight by staff if you're caught by them. Ragging and rushing at edge is OK until it becomes unbearable for players. Ragging and rushing includes but is not limited to, Excessively attacking another player that is not interested in fighting with you, repeatedly pjing a certain player, repeatedly fighting with overheads when the player asks not to use overheads & attacking then teleporting continuously, repeatedly teleblocking players and teleporting away.

To report ragging or rushing at edge, video evidence of at least 10+ minutes of continuous ragging is needed. A 3 minute video is needed for else where.

Rule #13: Spamming
Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to continuously spam yell or normal chat box. Players may do 1 buying or selling yell per minute. However, every 3 seconds in normal chat at home is permitted.

Rule #14: Punishment Evasion
Players of the RoatPKZ community are not allowed to evade any punishment that has been handed out to them by staff. This includes mac ban,ban,mute,jail,ipmute,ipban,etc. This will only lead to you being punished further and more severely. 

Failure to follow the rules stated above may result in severe and/or permanent punishment.


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