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Hello :P This is my first video i make on youtube :P and.... sadly it's about Trade Scams.... 

But I gave their items back :P This video is only to show you how the scammers do it so you could avoid it for yourself! :P Sorry to anyone i tried to scam btw :( I would have gave your item back though


I hope you find this.. Somewhat entertaining? :D 

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8 hours ago, JJ said:

thanks for teaching me to scam! i was just pking and luring !


35 minutes ago, Speedsmasher said:

l0l ikr this is literally a guide on how to scam LOL ima make an alt and scam ppl now! :kappa:

..... xD ... um ... haha..... Glad i... er.. Taught u something? hahahaha

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8 hours ago, Daniel said:

Ty for guide, very helpful.




How'd you get a custom :o

Do duel arena scam next!!!!

Damnnn Daniel you know my bank! :o

Haha.. I'm so bad at video editing :( i wanted to hide it.... Hahahah :( I wouldnt scam others at duel arena.. it's just abit too mean xD because it's their bank you know



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