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  1. @Gretarnice updates but can u make zoom out to have a bigger view similar to osrs because the current viewmodel is kinda aids and alot of times u cant even see who u are fighting etc.. also a right click option to attack npc's in wild especially would be nice
  2. would like to see the zoom out view better by making it similar to osrs where u can zoom out further which makes the view bigger since the current view when u zoom out to the max and at certain situations u cant even see people u fighting
  3. i'd ban u instead for being a rat
  4. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT U FREAK go pvm instead of posting shit sentences like this lmfao
  5. a pk server where when you get tbed and run to a safe zone your tb doesn't get insta removed, very nais xdddddddddddddddddddddddd more like endthisshitscape and not roatzpk
  6. you're a pvmer you don't even have a right to talk fucking monkey, go back to your cage cause even a rock has more IQ then you're dumb head doesn't surprise me that you need a donator rank for the tb to go away when entering a safe zone when the game gets 1 update in 3 months and bunch of nonesense added to the game but the it self doesn't even get fixed, how is this even a PK server LOL
  7. also a retarded way the game is coded that when you teleport out of wild and try to use your pre-sets, they dont get equiped because it says "you cant do this while in combat" when you're standing in the god damn safe zone. make it so when you teleport out of wild and use a preset it gets equiped instantly withouth these retarded ass messages saying you are in combat, this shit thing made me lose alot of money while having loot in my inventory and noticing my preset didn't equip when i already teled to deep wild with no food in my inventory
  8. what if i dont have enough money for rank lmao
  9. @Gretar seriously this is problably the most dumbest shit i have ever seen on a rsps LMFAO you get tb'ed, run to safe zone and the tb still doesn't end, fix this shit already 7 years ago servers were coded alot better withouth any of this dumb shit that there is now
  10. second time making this maybe second time the charm? this shit is slower then a turtle, make it FASTEEEEEEEER cba rolling my mouse wheel 3 times so i can zoom out to the maximum and see shit thats happening further from me
  11. thats probably the dumbest thing i ever seen LOL shut up whale
  12. dumb whale i could've gotten anything besides 800pkp loot
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