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  1. ty g and thanks for fixing my whole laptop <3 ok seriobapo
  2. cute man stop beggnig for my friend with your
  3. 4gb ram now bro! my n1gga @Hiders sent me a video where i changed my battery settings and stuff like dat which was affecting my pc performance when my battery was lower basically, but now its playable tbf bored of it =[ queen r8 u
  4. http://prntscr.com/j3s1k4 keep up bro!
  5. gf hickory do ags. bart if ur reading this i miss u big bro thanks tessy woo
  6. fat clip dump dont really play anymore im over rs finally, still dunno how to get rid of black bars tho lol i miss my n1gga bart
  7. hop on 2 check forums and my biggest fan jblind is voting for me in roatpkz awards! this is my draem come truth
  8. he said underground rappers retard
  9. u were a good hybrid until i saw ur items at the bottom of ur inv lol
  10. u are pking with 14 brews. i closed this video after 20 seconds
  11. not worth it lol true but still betetr than claiming 100 pkp thanks fat dutch
  12. http://prntscr.com/ihjrhk this is the loot from 500 vote boxes - i spent 245.7k buying all the votes i sold it all straight to mazchna cos fuck selling that and got 85,890 pkp back, so it cost me 159,810 pkp in total for infernal =] figured id make this cos i havent seen 1 before and i always wanted to know how much it costs ------------ 10 mins later ---------------- http://prntscr.com/ihk1lc time to sell and stake the infernal
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