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  1. The concept behind what you're saying makes sense, however I believe you might have overlooked the potential consequences of "risking" these items. Since eco reset, edge pking already experienced a minor shift...Prior to reset, there were many more people using bandos/higher value items. Since price increase, it is much more rare to see someone utilizing that higher-value gear. To tie this to your idea, if those items were able to be lost, it would only increase the risk value while pking. The amount of people wiling to skull (depending on their experience pking) would change significantly, and the number of people willing to utilize that higher-tier gear would more than likely drop as well. Just something to consider
  2. imagine hopping on a game and your primary objective is to try to point out errors someone might make....honestly bro the fuck are you even doing with your life if that's what your mentality is
  3. A change of location for dicing could definitely lead to an increase in activity - good idea, will try to pass this along
  4. what is this the year 1865? I hope things get better for you man...the concept of thinking racism is acceptable in any format, ANYWHERE, blows my mind.
  5. If you are under the impression that my level of intelligence can support a capacity of language that you so eloquently portrayed, unfortunately you are making an erroneous assumption....I once rode a horse backwards through my town center with the utmost speed, ready to joust any opponent that stepped in my direction. It was at this moment that I inserted my hands into my jean shorts pockets and withdrew my secret weapon, a handful of spaghet..I voraciously devoured the limp noodles with precision. my name isjeff
  6. would be cool to maybe offer a month long yell tag or something where they can flex something other than a tradeable item...#1 SKILLER
  7. welp if 100k irl is what it takes....fuck a lambo
  8. Garrix


    i fought my way out of a cow, arguably the most alpha feat of human strength
  9. Garrix


    i have 2 dads so my mom cant die
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