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  1. chef i support your crusades i just want you to know that i almost got finessed while speed-buying misc items in tp the only reason i didn't get smoked and buy x amount of bolt tips for some absurd price was because my stack was not stacked to the ceilings and i wasn't balling like that if i did clean myself on bolt tips, thats honestly ggs bc i didn't take the time to look close enough at pricing what u focus on becomes ur reality TL;DR you can't fix stupid take it from me stay above the trickery
  2. Roat Pkz appears to have dramatically leveled up in every area From CC engagement (discords + leadership + baz putting in work) to overall hostility i had to dip from this server for a bit bc of the negativity it brought, but after comin back to check out the changes gretar rolled out worlds apart respect love garrix a q p w
  3. Would be sick to have overall, some new perks would be nice to have, Would it be the same as current tickets? Would it be potentially automatically applied when you reach X amount donated? (Similar to donate bonuses, once u hit x amount you can unlock rewards) Would be dope to all those ppl who dumped cash into pixels w no returns to have it auto unlocked
  4. thanks chef, the big pimp @Gretar passed me some larger format logos n shit, i'll end up posting a folder here as i add more random pngs related to roatz n shit @herokill
  5. if anyone has a pre-made folder that they have been using for media creation (thumbnails, promos, etc) - would be greatly appreciated if you could share the wealth! Trying to get a new streamer setup graphic wise but have done no work related to rsps gfx thanks love garrix
  6. Hey man, I'll start by saying that from what you posted, implying that everyone is honest, you were done dirty. I hope you are aware/understanding of the fact that you are just as responsible, regardless of if the baseline expectation is trust and honesty. Kids are shit, sorry you got jbaited, there are good ppl on this server so don't lose hope yet
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