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  1. Ur stuck in the past, smokey n gg are by far the best/most competitive hybrids on roatpkz
  2. Bart


    Im not from denmark clueless fuck
  3. Bart


    I would beat your skull up with a stick u retard ur a clout chaser trying to get attention from the big guys and whenever u get it u blow it or avoid pipe down u little rat u live in sweden u never heard a gunshot salute so 2 the guys still
  4. Broke n savage lmfao sorry g’s needed the 50 s/o to all
  5. Easy broski i want a single clip to youtube of monni dying
  6. Nice bro Look who we have here
  7. Ur fucking ass fight me on ur main bitchboy
  8. Ur an absolute rodent legit ur shit at pking and makes gifs of himself switching in the safezone
  9. Are u actually braindead or what
  10. Imagine erca leaving the safezone lmfoaoaoaoskaoossokslslalala
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