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  1. Ur stuck in the past, smokey n gg are by far the best/most competitive hybrids on roatpkz
  2. Bart


    Im not from denmark clueless fuck
  3. Bart


    I would beat your skull up with a stick u retard ur a clout chaser trying to get attention from the big guys and whenever u get it u blow it or avoid pipe down u little rat u live in sweden u never heard a gunshot 🤥🤥🤥 salute so 2 the guys still
  4. Bart

    last fideo

    Broke n savage lmfao sorry g’s needed the 50 s/o to all
  5. You do, get ur friend out of the safezone
  6. Bart

    pking video

    Easy broski i want a single clip to youtube of monni dying
  7. Bart

    winners of the 100k giveaway

    Rigged asf disliked
  8. Bart

    red bars n stuff

    Scared asfuck
  9. Bart

    first n hardest 99 dude

    Nice bro Look who we have here
  10. Bart

    red bars n stuff

    Ur fucking ass fight me on ur main bitchboy
  11. Bart

    red bars n stuff

    Ur an absolute rodent legit ur shit at pking and makes gifs of himself switching in the safezone
  12. Bart

    couple suggestions

    Are u actually braindead or what
  13. Imagine erca leaving the safezone lmfoaoaoaoskaoossokslslalala
  14. Bart

    07/roat dump

    So what retard