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  1. im always lagging but the lagg has just gota unplayable at this point for the past month or 2 iv been playing similar lagg to this can anyone help me? im using a msi gl63 8rcs laptop https://streamable.com/b864k5
  2. pg closes the server merge? pg is literally the whole server merged l0l0l0l
  3. eww u have some rly sick thoughts bro im kinda worried for. i work a full time job how would i be able to play 20 hours a day retard l0l0l once again im kinda lost who are u talking to? seems like you have the wrong conversation
  4. get yoobs's cock out of ur mouth
  5. And who are u his boyfriend?
  6. l00l0l man said his out here chilling with all his friends cba.......btw who the fuck r u even talking none of the things u are saying are relevant to out convo, im kinda confused are u talking to me or someone else? guys writing a fucking paragraph reponds get a life u geek ll0l0l0l
  7. Listen here u Down syndrome fuck I know u enjoy typing useless shit on forums with ur fat fingers but how about u go outside for once u little faggot if u want to talk we can go on voice call u stupid victim know ur place
  8. Wait l0l0l ur one of those kids I kill all the time trying to skill on a pk server ahaha,wow 8 years and ur still shit btw never heard of you
  9. asking another guy to suck your dick yeh... u a faggot ahahah.u dont know what ur talking about stupid 4ner do something
  10. more of a competition that fighting u 5-0 on u and 1-1 on him shut your stupid mouth faggot i didnt ask for your opinion,since i got a new laptop roatpkz has been taking screen shots like that.did i kill u for max is that why ur upset ?
  11. first i wana say this kid is fucking shit ye i died to him made 1 mistake it happens look how i pk most of the time https://i.gyazo.com/1f9460947d6087c26f3edbe8b56d537e.mp4 after about 30 chances multiple ags specs on 50-60hp off pry kid finals dies. got an ego when he prys melee every 2 seconds and still dies fuck out my wildy dog ur forever on my hit list, making a topic on me trying to chase clout fuck is you thinking https://gyazo.com/1881a1c156710d1c100cd1b2ee19fb77 https://gyazo.com/f9bd2b892fba8adef7700f70e57cead2 i dont even pure nh had to chase him around in every style coz he trys his hardest to avoid shout outs to ratgang we dominating this game pm2spy
  12. u might wana edit that again ur still not making sense
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