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  1. will do ty bro allg mate EEEy mike long time bro ty man ty boss
  2. Tamer Arab 17 am back ty ign ; Arab tribrid with other 20 alt
  3. ofcourse updates after i quit F u k greaf work tho @Zoradz
  4. Good one but good luck no pressure for someone that hates pixels
  5. Theese are not worth 1m , maybe back in the day they were worth 1m yes, but its clearly its a fake video , he did bank them with his super donator rank. me myself i done 300k empty videos few weeks ago check them out on my youtube channel 'tamer productions'
  6. We both know im not a pussy. Go lick a stick your not funny if u think so , Retard
  7. logged in mate pc today and thats what i had left http://prnt.sc/cfnj3j im thinking about emptying what i got left , since i play no longer and been having issues to login and school skype : Tamer.khatib3
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