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  1. 1 Wave for inferno would be sick and not 69, also im waiting for Raids
  2. i enjoyed watching dogblind
  3. DeadMan Chest & Keys Guide - And more misc Guide What is Deadman Chest & Keys : While Pking you will ALWAYS have a chance of a Deadman Key, your risk, target or anything does not change that as of now. These keys can be used on a deadman chest at home or at edge ditch bank and you'll be rewarded! Keys alone should net you around 45 PKP per kill. There's a 25% increased key drop rate in deep wilderness and in the Brid Zone. What is the drop rates for Deadman Keys? Bronze Key | 1/2 Drop Rate | 5 - 150 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop) Silver Key | 1/10 Drop Rate | 25 - 500 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop) Gold Key | 1/33 Drop Rate | 125 - 1,000 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop) Platinum Key | 1/250 Drop Rate | 500 - 5,000 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop) Diamond Key | HP Events Only for now | 5K - 62K PKP (Elder Maul, Ancestral's stuff, Kodai Wand,Ags,Royal seed Pod, Dinh's bulwark, and more items) Location of the deadman chest -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wilderness Key! it's a very fun and challenging event and is best played with a clan by your side. How it works 1. Every 2 hours or so a Wilderness key spawns in a random location and a 5 minute timer starts. 2. Everyone has 5 minutes to get to the key location. 3. Once the 5 minutes are up, anyone can pick up the key, once you pick it up you get teleblocked for 5 minutes and your run drains to ZERO. 4. Run to the Safe Zone with the key or tank out the teleblock to win it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HP-Event! What is Hp-event? They're pretty simple, a staff member start off with 80,000 HP and whoever has the best chance to getting the drop, it works like the lottery system someone with a lower percentage damage rate percentage can still win. The current rewards are around 7.5K - 60K depending on your luck with keys! hosts are 2-4 per day! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEADMAN CHEST EVENT (Newest Update) - A Deadmans chest spawns randomly in 30+ wilderness every 6 hours. It opens up after 5 minutes. - Once the chest opens up players can use any PvP or Slayer key on it for a 50% chance of double the normal reward, however once they use the key on the chest they get teleblocked for 5 minutes + skulled. (must be combat 126 to use). There will also be a quick chat above their head what key they just used and what they just got from the reward like 'I just got 2x Elder Maul (130,000 PKP) from the chest'. - Every 30 seconds while the chest is open it starts pouring keys out of it (similar to hp events) - gives people a reason to go there even if they dont have any keys to open. - Each player will be limited to x1 Diamond key, x3 Wilderness key per chest. - Chest is open for 10 minutes then de-spawns. --------------------------------------------------- Other things (needed): Vote - How do i claim vote ingame? You can claim your voting reward by doing ::claim Donation - How do i claim Donations ingame? You can claim your Donations rewards by doing ::redeem ingame Holidays items (Diango shop) - How do i get Holidays items? You must complete the holidays events (Christmas, Halloween), Otherwise you cannot buy them PVP ARMOURS - Does my Vesta's longsword becomes degrade ? Please note that all PVP armors now degrade and last 2 hours in PVP combat and 10 hours in PVM combat (1/5 Hours for VLS), once they degrade they can not be sold or fixed, only cashed out. Help ingame - How i can get help ingame, (best way) ? You can now do ::help and request help from the staff members (it shows who's online and who is offline) Staff Please note that Jblind is the most overrated staff member in Roat-Pkz (JK) Credit to @Gretar Please shot me a pm if i miss something! Thanks
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