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  1. on foenem grave we out here while nmzing Thanks a7e, hope you improve this servers combat formula to be more like OSRS because it feels very off no offence, It is a great server though. thanks mate Thanks brother Thanks mate, you won't see me on this game anymore but will probably make some nice edited videos in the future. Thanks bro he's big man thanks brother
  2. Had fun thanks to everyone you know who you are.
  3. better not be announcing "hybrid" and put in infernal, ice wyvern shield and max.
  4. Most dominated team in os-scape history have now recruited some #RA WARRIRIOS AND #SPAWNPK SUBMISSION members, and are now back to claim their throne!!!!!
  5. Could also make it like battle royal with a damaging area enclosing in, forcing people to fight and not hide, and then make it last left alive wins. DD'ing could potentially be a problem.
  6. Please. Definatelly implament some sort of loot box system, maybe also a refill on prayer+hp as well as spec, once you kill someone.
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    come back fortnite wtf
  8. Po

    pking 7

    Sick vid man, ur just like NH TANK.
  9. Epic vid soon stay tuned! To enter the giveaway for 20k pkt, comment your in-game name on the youtube video ^
  10. Po

    The Strongest

    lemme have a gander
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