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  1. goat

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    shout out to @Fantastic
  2. look here my bitch. im stalin, u cant say anything about gulag and u cried everytime u got killed at rescoures area honeyyyy
  3. not taking it srs - im mentioning u my bitch and i still love you for that
  4. why u acting tough on forum, when u legit lick my ass clean ingame
  5. follow 4 follow or nahhh
  6. @Rot Tries pknew dont make me pay @JBLIND for longer ban, would only cost me 5k
  7. i wont speak with fakers, make new acc and we can speak
  8. lolol, its because he plank and beg me daily
  9. yea i saw u got clapped again today by ccxcxcxcxcx cokes best of luck finding egirls on here
  10. i just miss him with his lovely posts
  11. @Xex new name for u tgs X AE A-12
  12. winner chicken dinner, congratz on #1
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