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  1. https://gyazo.com/6c86c7d477733b95ff1ea1110454bf85
  2. we will have to run some more test
  3. goat

    Master Clue Guide

    Updated. - Working on other in dept clue guides.
  4. rip my dumb gied - we still love you
  5. How to add emoji/icon to your Clan Chat/Custom Kits This guide is to have some more "fashion"/"bling" to your clan chat or custom kits and make them feel more personal. Example: How to find different emoji/icons 1. Search for " Roatpkzv6 " in your windows and enter the folder 2. Go to the file " Sprites " 3. Enter " IconSprites " 4. Once you enter " IconSprites " you will find the different icons that is available to use for your clan chat or custom kit. How to add the emoji/icon to your clan chat/custom kit Once you have figured out which icon you want to be in clan chat or kit you simply have to write: <img=...> The "..." symbolise the number of the emoji/icon you want added. How to add color Theres plenty of different colors to be added aswell. You have to figure out which color you want to be added Example: @[email protected] = pur Credit: @PK Guy for colorlist
  6. gotta love the panic in khalil rs eyes
  7. goat

    Zulrah Guide in Depth

    You go on ::donate and donate for 8x 5.000 donator points and you can buy it from Donator Shop
  8. goat


    ew fucking bandicam you just gave everyone aids, thanks for that @Fruitiest
  9. In Depth Zulrah Guide Content of this topc Introduction Item Slot - Best in slot and down Example of setup Droptable Zulrah Rotation Placement Introduction Item Slot - Best in slot and down Example of setup Droptable Zulrah Rotation Placement
  10. so perhaps stop gamble or chuck shit into lotto, problem solved
  11. selling kp of my sweet bbyboi nansss - nice honey, i give 9/11
  12. im proud to say that craig issa in my team, hes like a son to me
  13. selling fruitiests birthday - 5k
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