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  1. goat


    ill c u tomorrow
  2. Idk about this, but "Well of goodwill" could be nice to do once a while +1 to that, and have been suggested multiple times more stuff init would be nice #fashion dont see thing point of this, since its already fine could be awesome if it was added correct for sure, would make wildy more active in general, around the wilderness, huge +1 for that minor thing, not really necessary would be fine, or have it added to donation store. problematic of making new account each time, else just buy username @ ::buy-username which already issa thing
  3. you gotta think about how much pkp you receive on getting the 500 ks - but agree, its a bit low and could be higher for such an achievement
  4. no worries, daily mute to you then
  5. imagine wasting this much time on nothing - funny guy
  6. @Killbob u the one going on trollpatrol with me
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