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  1. Zaros

    Graphics Gallery

    Yeah I have a ridiculous amount of League renders its LuLu (I dont even play league )
  2. You guys are spamming her thread with flame lol What a way to be welcomes to a server
  3. What lucky drops You can always use RuneHQ to get through your quests quickly it has step by step guides for all OSRS and RS3 quests
  4. Nice, I would keep it 70 def for a while and focus on strength training if your looking to be more efficient at pking on OSRS your attack and strength levels are ideal right now unless you can afford dfs and a godsword i would aim for 90+ strength as your next goal
  5. Here for similar reasons, I agree people are pretty agressive on here but you get used to it pretty quickly. Hope you enjoy your stay Is your OSRS a main or pure?
  6. Zaros

    Graphics Gallery

    Thanks guys I appreciate the positive feedback
  7. Very sleek, clean and professional designs man. If you used C4D and Illustrator for some of those I am very impressed. Keep it up If possible I wouldn't mind checking out some old speed arts too
  8. Ahmar your gonna have to teach me how to make these characters
  9. Zaros

    Graphics Gallery

    If the one that says Soulsplit isn't allowed will a mod+ remove it, for some reason I'm not allowed to edit my previous posts after a certain amount of time
  10. Zaros

    Graphics Gallery

    No I am DMT Spotty is my friend
  11. Zaros

    Graphics Gallery

    It wouldn't let me edit the first post for some reason, so here it is continued.
  12. Zaros

    Graphics Gallery

    Just thought I would post some of my graphics work cause I'm bored and want more post count I will add to this as I make more
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