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  1. Mike


    Love u brother @Ahmash
  2. Swizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Btw IGN: Chipz (Idk if he’s unbanned already tho)
  3. Mike

    Fifa 21

    Jordan, literally bought my PS4 like 2,5 years ago bro lmao I can easily wait a few years before buying the 5 ngl ^
  4. Mike

    Fifa 21

    Who’s playing Fifa 21 on PS4 and wants to be slapped? Message me your names
  5. Mike


    Harley I miss you, come back.
  6. Mike

    Forum staff?

    Aight Jason my guy still supporting me after all these years, TRUST. @Gretar Watcha sayin’?
  7. Mike


    B U M P Someone help me!
  8. Mike

    Forum staff?

    I think it would be great to have someone promoted who would only be focused on moderating the forums. I still come across some posts where players are requesting their Veteran rank but not getting it even after months. This is just how I think about it, I’m not saying it should happen Let me know what your thoughts are about this!
  9. Mike

    Im new

    Broer jij spoort echt niet
  10. Mike


    Hey babe
  11. Mike


    How is everyone doing? Especially @Smackd I miss you bro
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