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  1. Nah Jason, he ain’t getting it bro. Couldn’t even qualify for the World Cup. Not gonna lie tho, he was amazing at the start of the season. Tell them brother.
  2. Mike


    Goodlook IRL brother, you’re a good lad.
  3. My favorite is Karim Benzema, what about yours? Guy is having the season of his life, definitely deserves it.
  4. Mike


    Yeah 100% sure about that, it has been going downhill since we got a discord server. Can’t blame anyone tho, perhaps some changes have been made by Gretar and it looks like he ain’t going back from those.
  5. Hope you reach your goals mate, good luck.
  6. Mike


    Someone care to tell me why these forums are so dead? Legit at this point the best thing to do is just remove the whole forums. There is no activity and honestly when I scroll through unread content/topics it takes me back to posts from February, there’s literally a month or two in between the latest post and the one before that. Opinions please. @Tupac @Sinister
  7. Mike


    This, sup Jason.
  8. Good guide, helped me numerous times.
  9. Mike


    Love u brother @Ahmash
  10. Swizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Btw IGN: Chipz (Idk if he’s unbanned already tho)
  11. Mike

    Fifa 21

    Jordan, literally bought my PS4 like 2,5 years ago bro lmao I can easily wait a few years before buying the 5 ngl ^
  12. Mike

    Fifa 21

    Who’s playing Fifa 21 on PS4 and wants to be slapped? Message me your names
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