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  1. Mike

    Requesting BAN!

    I rwted over 2m+ over the past few years + ratted people and scammed over hunderds of retards I'm requesting a permanent ban on all my accounts mike/m4st3rk0/lost ags v1/mikebauwz. I also want you to delete my forum account bitch @Gretar how I rwted without getting caught? died in wildy for the money instead of staking it ciao, grow up and stop wasting your time playing these kind of games !! hahahahahahahahahah
  2. Mike


    My favorite game? Hahaha XD says the admin lmfao Btw I haven't played in 6 months, gave all my accounts away, you're obsessed fam bringing up old screenshots and shit hahahahahahaha @Smackd
  3. Mike


    Smackd you're a bitch lmfao @Smackd
  4. Why did you get demoted out of all useless SS? LOL
  5. Mike


    HAHA I'm dead b
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