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  1. either u are acting stupid, or just are stupid. Axe hut and pirate hut is used to tank easier and use less suplies. when there is around 1minute left on the timer, ur going to make ur way back to the lever to tele out. Last response i'm giving to you cba to explain everything
  2. people do half at ::mb when their spec fail or people camp lever? since axe hut and pirate hut isn't working atm, yeah i'm going to run around
  3. 2. When someone tbs u at magebank for 2minutes and 30secs. u run for 2 minutes and tank for the last 30 seconds at the lever. but once ur 30seconds are over, an other people can use the lever right when ur tb runs out and u can be retbd 3. before the new client, the door would get stuck (because it was imposible to get in) How did i forget about the dfs special
  4. Don't know u and get off my topic weirdo
  5. Entangle glitch, (trying to entangle someone is broken) RETB (THE immunity should be 30 seconds instead of 2 seconds) Why? At 44s or magebank if someone is untbed, someone from ur clan pulls the lever and u can easily retb. DOORS AT 44S Before the new client, the doors were fixed and got stuck by mass opening and closing of the doors, but now u can do it again. And the doors respond slow NPCS, NPCS are really broken for example spiders at 44s, they all stack on ea other shouldn't be like that DRAGON SPEAR, dragon spear is still broken after the new client, fix dis. JUST remove the location of gorilllas, as it's really broken with the pathing and is cancerous to pk at. Granite maul, the 1sec delay has to be removed (idk if it's on 07 like that, but the several rsps i've played it doesn't have the delay) The teleports don't work on the ancient spellbook. someone tried to ags me at funpk but his hit didn't appear (idk why) DFS SPECIAL needs to be fixed. U can stack whip with dfs and do like 60+ damage as the dfs is really accurate and hits almost all the time 15-20. (KEYTRACKER) ONLY on topic comments would be appreciated Gonna be updating this topic from time to time, whenever i find a bug
  6. Well the door did most the job but gotta say, was harder to tank u guys then spartans
  7. Read the title dumbfuck "spartans hit renegade"
  8. last time we killed u, we got the reaction iyas is not in spartan but guess what
  9. Don't act like u would ever kill keytracker with ur shit team (spartans) Nbk getting lucky, because the door doesn't get stuck (before new client it was fixed, but new client gltiched it again) Much more but Cant be asked to search! Spartans reduced to posting other peoples kp keytracker out PS: Watch out, ur members are nearly dying on halfs, next time they won't get so lucky @tupac some people trying to steal ur clans kill
  10. G unit has been inactive for a few weeks due to alot of members going on holiday, this didn't stop us from getting max kills on the other teams. Lets start with RENEGADES : MAX kill on cheekov RENEGADE alt for max Gorillas found at gorillas, and got shutdowned by shado RENEGADE tber for some basics SPARTANS turn: KILL: LOOT: SOME EXTRAS : PS: all the bad pics will be replaced with the real pics soon
  11. don't you dare say g unit you fucking spastic, continue pking with lavish you rat
  12. If they're better, why'd this member kiss the ground lmfao? and why didn't they come and help?
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