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  1. Make check Does player have pet? If yes: pet no longer on drop table for that player. If no: keeps things as is
  2. John

    700 posts on roat

    nobody asked
  3. plz no demote for banning 30+ ban evaded accounts or leaking their ban evaded forum alts Deadass gretar open admin cp search his name and look at all the registrations LOL
  4. John


    Babies on roatpk who cannot multi task and need timers to keep up with good pkers: WE NEED TIMERS! John: how about some emojis niggas
  5. John


    Lots of options for you boys I know many of you like to act black and gangster so there's options for you too.
  6. John


    emojis updated
  7. Don't support babying the game up with timers, veng already highlights itself when it's available. If these are added need to be disabled in tournaments and ::Brid. Potions I agree on, same with pure armours that exist in OSRS that i've mentioned to gretar before.http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Decorative_range_top would make pure fights more fun as you're not constantly eating.
  8. ::poke or all staff will go on strike @Gretar
  9. LOL dont make me expose u your literally in my dms 24/7 asking for tech support ROFL
  10. Download the jar. I use a mac and the game runs okay on it until you try moving camera with a middle mouse button then the game starts to lag really hard until you stop. Mouse accuracy shouldn't be affected unless you cannot install your third party drivers, but even then tweak in settings. Ubuntu is legit the easiest distro of linux to use so a few google searches will solve most of your problems, if not feel free to pm.
  11. Good to know you're still depressed over your demotion, just send your therapist invoice to ' [email protected] ' and we'll get that sorted for you quickly. Those therapy bills get quite expensive we understand, especially when your daily routine only involves roatpkz and bitching on the forums about roatpkz. Mike I think it's time you take a break from here, it's only going to damage your mental state further.
  12. shut up or ill tell your dad you ate pork.
  13. Again, I've tried to educate you on the drugs I take but you don't seem to listen. Anyone here can go educate themselves on LSD/mushrooms and weed and come back with a detailed report on how I'm a drug addict because I occasionally take these substances. PM for links to studies. Player Moderator(s)Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 106 Hours (+45 Hours AFK) Best staff member, dedicated and does lots of stuff off the game also. needs to be global admin.
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