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  1. Pk Kush

    Edit by Ballin 1337

    The edit on this is sick
  2. Pk Kush

    Well needed updates..

    Not always the case, would also be useful for wildy slayer Idek him but it's whatever.. Ask gretar if he wants to do 100k risk, meth is loc. Honestly should do something about it asap, can imagine people have lost bank to this
  3. Pk Kush

    Well needed updates..

    A sign at ::meth to point out that it's now been changed to multi from singles so you don't get Arabs asking for a 1v1 ags risk there and then bring a team of max to pile you for a 1k split credit to 'fastest f3' and rest of his multi gang also; Tele to BH targs Looting bag??
  4. Pk Kush


    Looting bag Tele to bh targs Seperate hybrid/nh on leaderboards Make deep wildy multi areas to be only 'deep wildy kills' not 'hybrid kills'
  5. Pk Kush

    Hybrid kills

    Need to seperate brid/nh on leaderboards and make 'hybrid' kills in multi areas only count as deep wildy kills
  6. Would still be great to find out what happened to my account and the contents of the bank inc. untradables(inferno e.t.c.).... Had PMd staff a few times in-game however kept prompting me to make a post on the forums, so here it is..
  7. Pk Kush

    Roat Pkz Promotions (25/10/18)

    Gratz to all.
  8. See you next week for some more autism
  9. Pk Kush

    UwU whats this?

    Fuck. I Gotta say I was impressed when I realised you was nhing without F-Keys, you'll be used to it and better in no time!
  10. Why can't we use Chins? They'd be fun ngl
  11. For some reason when you teleport to I believe Graves, Champ and gorillas after going to Corp it teleports you outside the Corp cave which is multi..
  12. Pk Kush

    Fill one out!

    Your wrong everyone does
  13. Pk Kush

    Fill one out!

    Hey buddy, I've been looking for someone to do me a edit or 2 (possibly more), I'm willing to pay you pkp for your time of course, if you'd be interested? Thanks Kush Pk