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  1. Pk Kush


    V good vid
  2. Pk Kush


    I know it will differ due to tasks but I've just hit level 80 and have 1k pts.. not spent any either other than superiors
  3. Pk Kush

    #faminegang | bamw

    Quality vidd
  4. Pk Kush

    PvP Changes

    Feel there is more important things that need updating first to be honest and I'm sure Gretar has alot going on already. I like the idea of not been able to tab after speccing but not sure on the overheal/anglers.
  5. Pk Kush

    sell yell tag

    How much we talking and also how do they work once you've chosen the text for the yell tag can it be changed/editted
  6. Pk Kush

    RoatPKZ Livestream(s) + 15k Giveaway!

    Cheers for your input V nice
  7. Been live streaming Roatz now and then the past month, Feel free to check the channel out.. Comment your username on the most recent video to enter the giveaway! Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcRKcvzX4ug All constructive criticism is appreciated!
  8. Pk Kush


  9. Pk Kush

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

    - Most humorous - - Most Arab/foreign - - Shortest temper - @Sho0ma - Most helpful - @OP SHACKO - Best YouTuber - @JBLIND - Best Hybrid - - Best Tribrid - - Best Pure Nher - @Aelin - Best Dher - @Bradie - Most Retarded - @mr meowge - Fastest Switcher - - Most underatted Pker - @Persona - Most Chilled player - @OP SHACKO - Nicest player - - Biggest Duel Rat - @Pyd - PVM'er - @OP SHACKO @Fruitiest - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - @mr meowge & Rest of absols multi dogs - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - - Biggest Whale - @mr meowge - Bank-stander/switcher - - Most Improved - @b o b b i - Nerd -
  10. Pk Kush

    "Dual Penino" ...

    I'm always trying to pk you know this lmfao Yeah your right I've nh'd like 6 week so u Gunna teach me yeah
  11. Pk Kush

    "Dual Penino" ...

    will edit later https://gyazo.com/4db085d032a32c160ada39f86a816512[/img] https://gyazo.com/dfec43e03b6087c015ec2510fbdc9d82 https://gyazo.com/abe35f4b6b5c64abcbf1a59a8bd64099 https://gyazo.com/76b96c41afcc3f4a94fe566d77ac9d06
  12. Pk Kush

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    Couldn't pj off because of risk defence
  13. Pk Kush

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    I agree run should be depleted on picking the key up. BUT shouldn't drain faster also.. Keep it no risk to pick the key up tho
  14. Nice video but I also see the blood blitz aha Ign - Kush PK