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  1. Very nice killpics!! Whys adamzor want a tb on the first gif tho ?
  2. Glad I'm not the only one who's realized aha
  3. Ngl seems dumb you need your own items.. Idk if planned to already but should stream it too Gl all
  4. I'm not sure on the first idea, I feel the numbers would need changing for sure as it'd be a massive sink. The 2nd idea sounds sweet tho
  5. Giveaway winner - https://gyazo.com/184a39db74d5d30c5ee9b5a6bdcfc358
  6. Constructive criticism is appreciated! Subscribe and comment your username on YouTube for a chance to win a Super Mystery Box! Last videos winners - https://gyazo.com/b573559e8c885dd4d320c2787f94c1df https://gyazo.com/b0196bf01201a5c922db5c3ad1684da0 https://gyazo.com/1384d881b7b8f21dead4081457ff3579 https://gyazo.com/da3fe82cdc7f78b27f17f9a664b4f419 *Sorry for the broken music at the start
  7. Yeah if you kick someone in the cc it only lasts a certain amount of time before they can join back (Not sure exactly how long) highly support the ban command
  8. Constructive criticism is always appreciated ! Subscribe and Comment your username on YouTube for a shot at a 1-28 giveaway !
  9. Nice vid man, if you don't manage it in 5 attempts you should keep going until you manage it
  10. 100% vid mate, let us know if you need a hand
  11. Thanks for all the comments and feedback on the last video! Tbh i'm sure most of you will this your stereotypical boring "key opening" video however still thought id share it for those who'd like to do the maths.. @Isaiah Congratulations to the winners! Still waiting to catch the 3rd winner online! Let's do another 1-28 for you guys just Subscribe and Comment on Youtube to be entered!
  12. I've changed my kits now haha idek why I was using them for normal nh tbh! Thanks man! I did say not to mention there staged tho.. Yeah I get you man! tbh i wish they was all kills too haha! Cheers for the feedback !
  13. Thanks for all the feedback brothers! Do you mean like you'd rather the vid being all kills and not red bars or like shorter clips but more of them? Again thanks for feedback man! Genuinely felt disgusting hitting that on 11hp haha
  14. Already know i'm not the best pker OR editor, but constructive criticism would be appreciated being my first clip dump + fairly new to pking. Some of the Clips and KPs are a couple month old btw* Subscribe, like and comment your in-game user for 1-28 giveaway for 3 people! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Glad magic cape has been added, personally think it would of been nice to see the "tele to targ" spell added at the same time though
  16. Pk Kush

    150k PKP Giveaway

    Yey! Thanks fruit I shall pm soon
  17. You'd be waiting an hour to try kill jad and then competing with other players for the kill.. doesn't sound healthy for a 'task'
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