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  1. Well there needs to be a good middle ground then, Point bonus / Streaks / achievements should be slowly increased over time until there are more points coming into the game than being spent on scrolls, after that point is reached the rewards should be decreased slightly to the previous change. The whole point of the update is to have more things for richer players to sink money into that distributes the wealth more evenly among the players. Maybe you are a bad example but most players on this game don't have a lot of PKP and are trying to rebuild would pick keeping their streak by playing for 15 minutes each day rather than not.
  2. and if the benefits were too good to miss then you would make time.
  3. yes but would you say that they are so good that you would never want to miss a day and end your streak or rather would you say that scrolls have been crashing for a very long time and now it's a shit moneymaker relative to crates and other PVM / events
  4. Yeah that's why Im suggesting loads of new scrolls to sink a shitload of points. Potential for scrolls to go up massively, whole point in this post is to make daily tasks much more profitable and make players actually want to do daily tasks and keep up their streak.
  5. Scrolls Update Daily Tasks are a good way for players to be active every day to keep up their streak. Longer streaks need better rewards I believe it caps after 2 weeks currently + a Collection Log for completing: 7 days / 30 days / months+ + add more Spin to win rewards such as Scroll Mystery boxes ( add a random chance after completing your daily tasks to get a free scroll mystery box and have them as rewards from achievements too ) + Add a Bonus Point Multiplier for players that have voted x days in a row & completed all their daily tasks 1 Day = The usual 2x Points when claiming 7 Days = 2.5X Points 14 Days = 3x Points 30 Days = 4x Points Probably only worth increasing the daily points rewards after many new scrolls have been added otherwise too many points would flood into game. The multiplier being big would encourage a lot more players (hopefully everyone) to do these tasks and keep up their daily playing + voting streak. also keep in mind if new scrolls are added, the scroll mystery box will need price adjusted. Suggested new scrolls - Elite Pet Collector ( 1000 Daily Points ) Increases your chances of any pet drop by 50% for 1 hour. - Master Pet collector ( 3000 Daily Points ) - Increases your chance of any pet drop by 100% for 1 hour. - Double AFK-Tokens ( 1000 Daily Points ) - Any afk tokens you receive for the next hour will be doubled. - Endless Stamina ( 1000 Daily Points ) - for the next hour your run energy will not drain in the wilderness. Wilderness Anti-Drain scroll ( 5000 Daily Points ) All of your boosted stats will not drain while this scroll is active (This works everywhere in the game including the wilderness) PVM Anti-Drain scroll ( 2000 Daily Points ) All of your boosted stats will not drain while this scroll is active ( This scroll only works outside of the wilderness) Steve's Intense Blessing scroll ( 4000 Daily Points ) For the next hour your accuracy & damage during slayer tasks is increased by 25%
  6. how very wise of you. Although you are missing the point completely, something looking better for your eyes has nothing to do with performance. Pull up your task manager and see how well your PC is performing with Low graphics, then look at the performance with high graphics. You may learn something new today.
  7. HD = more intense task = Performance decreases no matter the pc https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/performance
  8. would increasing the graphics decrease the perfomance?
  9. yeah for sure could be a decent setup, guide was mainly geared to people who have just started / have 0 pkp
  10. Nex Tips This setup is the same offensive stats to black d'hide but if you use the god d'hides you get a prayer bonus (so your pray drains slower) This setup is completely free to use with no risk You can find all of these ranged items in the range store at ::shops If you have some PKP and are looking to upgrade your setup for faster kills (so you can earn more per hour) then I would suggest these risk-free upgrades. ( there are better amulets and shields but for this guide I will just show you the low / no risk setup ) Here we have an image of the upgrades that I believe are worth purchasing As soon as possible you should upgrade your rune crossbow to dragon / armadyl so you can use the dragon ruby bolts (e) instead of the [adamant] ruby bolts (e) The Ava's Upgrade is a neat one that adds 0 risk but a few extra bonus. Archer's rings are optional since you would likely risk these but will help you a lot. The Void visible stats are stated to be far worse than your setup but don't let that deceive you, when fighting nex your accuracy is terrible so wearing void is likely the best armour to wear for a high average damage. In my experience Fae bow doesn't hit as often as the armadyl crossbow and I would probably not use that upgrade but it's up to you Crystal Armour is the worst armour vs nex, I wouldn't even waste your money on it either, it's just as shit as the fae bow.
  11. The numbers being displayed on your droptable interface have no decimal points in them, they are all int's If the droprate is increased by 25% the math calculation would be *= 1.25 (since a decimal point is used in this calculation I would see no reason for the code to be rounded down when deciding your loot from a monster) Also you stated that because all the drops have been increased by 25% then it becomes pointless because they all go up the same amount. Yes you are right if all loots were 25% more likely and you only get 1 / 1 Loot each time then it would make no difference, Unless gretar has spent a lot of time developing weighted distribution for each of the loots ( which I do doubt , would love to be corrected if im wrong ) then I believe the loots work as follows: Roll at chance for pet 1/750 [if yes thats ur loot] roll at chance for ely (1/2750) ... [if yes thats ur loot] ... and so on, and the items that are 100% droprate are probably all in one list, if you get to the end of the droptable and no rares were found then you will get a random item from the standard loot. So.. Yeah, it does help having 25% more chance to get the loot.
  12. roat has no good moneymakers for average players also would require all pray scrolls to be reset
  13. Set Augury & Dex price to 500k and remove it from the donation store
  14. I disagree with adding PKP Rewards I think instead of giving a piece of barrows armour the rewards should be a full set of a random barrow piece [Or chance at it] & even have a chance at getting 2 sets of something. - This would be good if u wanted to see more players using Dharoks, Negative would be that barrows armours would flood into the game and idk if that's even wanted since the last barrows items update was to make it more expensive.. dunno if barrows has a place in roat
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