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  1. Vls lasts for 60 minutes Vesta body n legs lasts 120 minutes. VLS is used like 10x as much as the armour, and vesta prices suck making revs awful pkp/hr Make vesta body n legs last 60 minutes [ Maybe even 30 minutes in PVP & 60 - 90 mins in PVM ]
  2. add buy offers if u want regular players (not merchers) to get a fairer price when trading items & being able to sell items during low player count then. ^
  3. if you think vesta doesnt need a sink then you don't know how bad vesta really is... [body n legs] vls is actually used by pkers but reg v body n legs is almost nevert used.
  4. my suggestions is to make a new "Corrupted Vesta" for the platebody , platelegs To make corrupted vesta it requires: 3x Vesta Platebody > Corrupted Vesta Platebody 3x Vesta Plateskirt > Corrupted Vesta Plateskirt What's different about this PVP Armour? well you could add a tint to it so the colour looks slightly different and make it so you can use this armour in raids. Benefits: Vesta Body n legs now have a sink (other than pking which is a shit item sink since nobody pks with it) Side notes: Could do the same with morrigan's / statius to convert into PVM armour instead of a PVP arm.
  5. This affect would permanently alter the amount of players at bounty hunter permanently. (Effect of update) Bounty Hunter Pking becomes highly profitable moneymaker (Effect of being more profitable) If pking is more profitable, more players will be killing at edgeville to earn that stacks - And if more people are pking at edgeville, Any bounty hunter point sink that permanently removes bhp from the game over time will cause edgeville pking to be more profitable which leads to more players actually wanting to do the activity. As of right now the only reason bounty hunter points are at 3 each is because the rich want edge pking to have some value. What i'm suggesting is instead of artificially raising the price of bhp, why not make more demand for the points, e.g a ring that constantly sucks up bhp, + Korasi's sword being expensive new item another huge bhp sink... Bhp would rise instantly because ppl would be needing it for the korasi now, but the eternal ring is a long lasting sink. Agreed, I think korasi should be edgeville only if it does make an appearance.
  6. Add Items: Korasi's Sword [50K Bounty Hunter Points] Ring of vigour [5K Bounty Hunter Points] Ring of eternal vigour [20K Bounty Hunter Points] Ring of eternal vigour The ring of eternal vigour would be a custom item similar to the Ring of vigour, The eternal ring of vigour is untradable and is not lost upon death, The eternal vigour also would work differently to the regular ring of vigour, This ring would absorb 100 Bounty hunter points each time 10% Special attack is saved, if the ring does not have over 100 bounty hunter points then special attach is not added and the ring does not function. The charges are also not lost upon death they are kept. Why? Adding the korasi alone would bring more players to edgeville. if you also added the eternal ring of vigour, that would be a big bounty hunter point sink which would make edgeville pking much more profitable and keep more players bh pking.
  7. The whole point of having the skilling area in the wilderness is that from high risk you get high reward, Making a second world would defeat this whole purpose. Secondly having 2 worlds on roat would just split up the player counter even more. It'll be less active around the wilderness in both worlds because of it.
  8. Skull trick idea is decent but you could just always right click to attack a player, (sure if you login to a pker acc in the same client you will need to change settings back and forth.) Maybe just make the Left / Right click option save by account rather than for the full client. If you're gunna start charging for a wihp you might as well start charging for a rune cross bow because spawnable rag range is fucking op... Extended Antifire + Sanfew pots + Restore pots Agreed, the rest of the items I think should stay spawnable to make roat more instant spawn Pking relevant.
  9. Sure, but during events Purge is twice as big as any clan out there. During multi-combat events this makes the event unfair. In my experience on roat, there has only ever been 2 clan superpowers (in terms of numbers) and the winners of events would likely be one of the two clans. Seeing more smaller clans competing to win with a variance of winners would be nice to see. If there were multiple small clans roaming the wilderness, I think there would be more PK / Clan war activity outside of server events.
  10. You have opened 19 caskets, If you open enough to get blue ankou and 3rd age rares the value evens out. But when I was referencing 100k, I meant the price they are traded at.
  11. As of right now, There is only 1 clan that can compete in clan events and this is mainly due to the numbers. My suggestion is to make the clan size limited to 20 or 25 Members, this would force players to leave the dominating clans to get more skilled teams together. I think this would increase the clan activity in the wilderness, instead of having one clan that just wins every event there would be more variety in who won clan events and this may encourage people from other servers that already pk together in a small clan to come and try and make their group of friends the #1 Clan. Ofc there are going to be some people annoyed that they aren't in the mainstream clan but the benefits of this would be: make clan pking more skill based more competitive & hopefully bring more players into the wilderness over this Christmas.
  12. I like the idea of 3rd age being rarer, but clues are already worth it. A Master clue is worth around 100k constantly, Every clue except masters is dead content unless ur opening the caskets urself. Maybe since votes are getting cheaper and less valuable just increase the prices of the 3rd age to make them a rarer.
  13. Welcome to the Merchant's Guide on how to make money on roatPKZ. Any guide telling you what items you are suppose to buy and sell is quite honestly a shit guide and you are more likely to lose money by following that guide than make money. If you really want to make money from buying and selling items on roatPkz, you have to try it yourself and not expect someone else to give you all the answers. @Ex0tic I know you would trade your arms for an in-depth guide on how to merch on roatPkz. My last piece of advice is to get on with learning how shit works for yourself.
  14. Custom Changes: [1] Add Magma Partyhat $1K Add Lime Partyhat $1k Add $1k Blue hween [Not the regular colour, the same shade as the $1k Blue Santa] Add $1k Blue Partyhat [Again, not reg col same shade as $1k blue] [2] $4K Bunny ears are terrible Make all $4k's into $2k's (or get rid of them for all i care) Move the $2k customs into the $4k Customs [3] add the following Customs - Trimmed Santa Hats - (Black Trim) Lilac Santa (t) Light Blue Santa (t) Purple Santa (t) Pink Santa (t) Cyan Santa (t) Lime Santa (t) [4] Add Orange Angel cape Orange Flippers White Angel Cape (with Black as secondary colour not cyan the ugly default cape)
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