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  1. Alright well I know most of you don't know me so there's not much here. However, I'm leaving. Truth be told, I just kinda moved on. Nothing against this server it's just every story has its ends. That being said, my time here at Roat was nothing short of entertaining with highlights such as meeting a ton on great people and having a blast staking and pking. Maybe one day My story on Roat will continue but for now, that's all she wrote. Take care guys, Adam.
  2. Flaming only makes me wanna shut them up even more. Nothing more rewarding then owning a shit talker.
  3. Callmebenbon


    Welcome! Hope you have fun.
  4. Developer(s) N/A Global Admin(s) Yoobs Obviously you run the show which isn't an easy task. You do a good job at it and personally I don't see too much wrong with your performance. Keep up the good work and try not to react to dumb community member's BS. They only do it to get a reaction out of you. Administrator(s) Legend Don't see quite enough of you to comment however that may be because of timezones... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Ungrateful You're an excelent staff member. We had our issues but whatever it seems you work really hard and yeah, keep it up. Global Moderator(s) Zoradz Can't say I've seen a ton of you either but when I did, I was very impressed at what I saw. Hope whatever's stopping you or slowing you down can clear up so you can be back asap. Forum Moderator(s) N/A Player Moderator(s) N/A Server Support Graphics You seem to be a fan favourite which is a good thing. Work hard and grind your ass off and you'll be mod asap.
  5. Sorry for your loss, man. Time heals all wounds. Stay strong.
  6. You should tbh I hear the OWNER's a real cool guy ;)
  7. 99% sure I saw you on Wrath also?
  8. Goodluck man! Hope you achieve everything here you set out to.
  9. I heard Gretar is away so that would pretty much leave Yoobs as your best and only option. I would recommend messaging him privately either when he gets ingame or on the forums and explaining him the situation in full. Good luck with your recovery.
  10. Developer(s) N/A Global Admin(s) Yoobs Seem to be doing decent... Heard some things about you getting upset and saying shit but I get that cuz some people are annoying af. You do your job well but I guess if I had to criticize I would say to work on containing your emotions when it comes to some of these players because it's pointless to stoop to their level. Administrator(s) Legend Looks like you got your DD0s freedom which is nice. Haven't seen you ingame but that could just be cuz I haven't been on as much lately. You're active on the forums which is important so yeah Keep up da gud stufffff. Site Manager(s) N/A Global Moderator(s) Ungrateful We had our issues but you seem to be doing a good job nd yeah you'll be fine. Forum Moderator(s) Zoradz You get shit from a large majority of the community and still are here to do your job and haven't exploded. So props to you. Player Moderator(s) N/A Server Support Bride Chucky Good support. Will be interesting to see what they do with you in the future. Good luck.
  11. Callmebenbon


    Told you to be quiet.
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