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  1. @Yoobs and your saying #welcome to my network? You mean your corrupted network
  2. @Yoobs i already lost the war? We will see sir i will pm you soon in game to get you mad again.
  3. @Yoobs did i talked about samsung note you dumb ass faggot go back to school retarded fuck @Rijkerd2 stop sucking dick everytime when yoobs say something? Btw you can suck mine
  4. @Same Sea what has samsung to do with suicide rofl ?
  5. Samsung is much better then shit iphone
  6. Lol few months ago you banned me for pkp farming at funpk like reeally man your the dumbest admim ever seen, you like to ban me everytime isnt it You will get demoted 1 day trust me cocksucker
  7. Your just sad how you can live with yourself
  8. Yoobs get cancer nobody likes you faggot
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