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  1. Great work, keep up the good work
  2. V Good Pker


    Yoobs is a great global admin, and if you did something wrong then you deserve this, so i advice you to stop this, because its not a good idea to flame Yoobs or any staff member
  3. Great video man, also i like the song, keep them coming
  4. Welcome to the server/forums, feel free to ask me anything Hope you enjoy with your stay and have fun
  5. Congrats man, what is your next goal?
  6. Really nice video and i like your vocie Cant wait to see more videos coming
  7. Nice video, i love it, good luck with making more videos
  8. How did you get all of that really man? Well i guess great work butdon't lost your bank
  9. Congrats man, share something
  10. Some new ranks/userbars like posts count ranks for example 100 posts count = green phat on forums (rank) Also we can add member of tge month and the winner will get the rank on the forums or a title says that he won Also we can add pro pker or pro staker rank, that for example we can add more ranks
  11. Welcome to the forums Nice to see you here
  12. I just come with some forums suggestions, hope you like them! 1) Add more userbar/rank 2) Move to a new forums 3) Chang the themes and the colors 4) Make some forums events All of this suggestions will make the forums perfect in many ways
  13. Nice video, some nice kills with some good hits Keep them coming
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