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  1. Good update Sad for Rag Bot V1 to see his favourite items gradually leave the game
  2. Then who would buy it for PKP? Not worth investing so much for only, say, 55/45 odds in gambling.
  3. Good point. So you are suggesting making dice bags limited only to the donating population, and non-tradeable? (not saying I disagree)
  4. Did I ever say that? Did I ever say thay the community shouldn't hold bags? Did I ever say that there should be a NPC vs player system for a PKP sink? Stop presuming what people want. Use the polling system. I stated that you shouldn't presume that people want a system where a hosting rank is bought. I don't want to assume what people want HENCE I said use the polling system. You can have other ways of player vs player dicing without a system where hosting ranks can be bought. P.S; people may want the system where you can buy hosting ranks but your assuming this instead of actually asking the players. I myself never disagreed with this idea, I just think you should ask the players ingame via the polling system.
  5. Big assumption, how do you know this? Obviously you would use the polling system for once instead of assuming what people want/you want.
  6. Obviously I don't agree with this approach to the tournament but the fact is, if it is a method to win, do you expect people to not abuse it? These tournaments have been out for so long now and this has been a long lasting problem that is easy to fix. How can people not be expected to use double hides if they are available? ALSO, you are a moderator. Nobody needs to ask you before they make a post about why they think you abuse your power (even if their accusations are false). They have the right to make the post and as a moderator, surely you should consider their opinions before abrubtly saying you didn't ask or even read the criticism. It makes you look even more "corrupt" when you state you didn't even the read the topic which CLEARLY highlights the issues with tournaments and gear available in them. Finally, you state the player has nothing but mage gear, double hides, torags legs and an AGS, when it is CLEAR in the picture (if you had been willing to inspect the post instead of just saying "didn't ask didn't read"), that the player had a tent in their inv aswell, to melee. This might be a different screenshot to when this tourney was but surely as a moderator you should actually check what they have posted before you respond, for reasons like this. This is only my opinion but you have changed from when many saw you as a decent staff promotion. You were humble and actually fitting for the role. Now you seem to think you are above all because of your role as staff on this RSPS and you also seem to be handing out unnecessary punishments before looking into things, from all perspectives and sometimes without actually reading the rules itself. Would be awful to see you as an admin, as your first four words in this reponse were "didn't ask didn't read".
  7. Use piety when u spec! OT: lol at the mage prayer robes 55hp on ags
  8. Idk why you posted this. Some of these kills are so old they are Renegades or Lavish kills. Some single players alone have this many kills on G-unit, nothing special.
  9. Tf u mining for 1.5m an hour afk
  10. You literally show 0 logic. If you kill anybody in the wilderness, not matter who they are, why are you in a CLAN LMFAO. Tbh you do kill your members in fall ins Explain what you would have done differently to kill him, with your mastermind, roat-only pker brain
  11. Lol uve never logged into osrs These guys are the only current committed clan to Roat Pkz, and seeing as activity is dead, they call to desperate measures for their kills. Sorry Panic2hard but these guys are hungry full-time roat only pkers, so they gonna snake for a max set. Idk how many times they have tried to backstab and failed. Remember when they tried it on Genj? Lol Btw, some nice edgepvp clips.
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