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  1. http://prntscr.com/ovvu0c http://prntscr.com/ovvuak http://prntscr.com/ovytfr the legend is back expect fun.. unfortunately idiot Savior1st that got access to my account got rid of all my stuff Let's take roatzback to the top! Starting GOFUNDLOOTY #2019
  2. Looty


    ty for warm welcome
  3. Looty


    its 5 blackmarked if I wasn't clear enough.
  4. Looty


    The Queen Emporer herself might be soon returning. Need active staff to just ask him to unban Looty, considering stijin already asked gretar to and told him he has logs that it was savior1st
  5. http://prntscr.com/gjj4gh not sure why i was banned mid tourny, wasnt camping a single cb style. and i haven't spoke on the account in months. Would be nice to fix, if not ok. Ciao, Vannessa. Looty <3 EDIT: nvm corrupt mod Jblind banned me during tournament because he was against me knowing he would lose. Bye bye Roatz. Joke. This happened mid tourny http://prntscr.com/gjjcbd every tournament since ::tournament opened I've used the same setup. But for his friends "jblind" bans my account during every tourny. I've used an alt and won twice. both times with same inventory, and never once was it a problem. This server has become a joke, good pkers get pushed away, while retards who used to beg you for customs and to buy their insignificant banks hold grudges, then abuse their power. turning ppl away from roatz.
  6. Randoms discussing their insecurities about being latecomers but if you cant pk and you're from the generation of Elite then log out, your sign on date is pointless.
  7. I didn't give you permission to use my name you random, Smackd you're a nobody 2sec mod. Havent been on in two weeks but clowns stay obssessed. Don't forget your place I hv always been the best pker on roat, so 2nd rates will always talk #whenNewfagsname4fame #Yikes
  8. looty. tom. craig. id0wnu. ism0kepurp. hey im kyle. death dream [smt like that] kevtard. jake. and IN THAT ORDER
  9. http://prntscr.com/d0pmmu -1 mule- http://prntscr.com/d0pnaw Get off my server.
  10. nice invent retard still pking like the old days.
  11. you forgot to update and unmark my account Looty, also i think it has 14 ... no 15 customs on it, prefer noted, but I'll take customs unoted , only cuz its H'ween tbh. xoxo #theGreatest
  12. never seen any of the ppl u killed b4, pull some names, nice switches in some tho.
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