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Found 24 results

  1. What are pvp daily tasks? PVP daily task is a quick way for pkers to make money while having a blast completing new tasks each day! Tasks will have a range of difficulty and can be completed throughout the entire wilderness. All tasks are player-vs-player related. How does it work? Talk to NPC at home or ::Daily to bring up daily task interface. Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master tasks. Tasks automatically reset every 24 hours (server time). You'll get 5 random tasks each day (every 24hr). Sample tasks Easy - PK 5 ppl at home as lvl 126 or pure with a dds/claws/ags/etc, bring 1K PKP. Medium - PK 5 ppl as lvl 126/pure @specific locations, bring 1K PKP . Hard - PK 10 ppl without overhead/amulet @specific locations. Elite - PK 10 ppl in dharok's at edge. Master - PK 10 players as a hybrid/tribrid, bring 5K PKP. PK 10 ppl at ::chins/::hills/annakarl/50s/44s/etc, risk at least 1-5K. Participate in 3/5/10 ::LMS Open keys at Deadman Chest You can be creative and assign any combination of tasks. Location of tasks? Everywhere - single/multi areas. ::chins/::hill/annakarl/50s/44s/rss/etc. Rewards? Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master "PK MBOX" (prices TBA). Achievement diary. Daily/weekly scoreboard. Benefits? People always complain about running out of stuff to do, this will help promote pk activity. Serves as an extra way for pkers to make money. Incentives = increased activity. You can assign tasks to different portion of the wilderness to increase activity in those areas, e.g. single locations. I am very confident this will make pk even more robust and enjoyable for everyone! Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions if you'd like this idea implemented. @Gretar @Fantastic @JBLIND @Smackd
  2. Hello my friends. I posted another video on youtube and I am trying to improve with each video I hope I have improved since the last one and I am trying to improve on pvp. And a big hug from Brazil.
  3. YOOO what's good guys! So, ya boy just found his folder with all my risk fight screen shots and recordings. I had soo many screen shots that I made a slide show with the kills and constant bank building from the streaks I went on. Trust me, some of these fights are CRAZY lit risks. My bad btw guys, I was a bit busy with school last semester and wasn't on for the usual 5+ hours you guys are used to seeing haha. BUT! Since I stocked up a lot of my risk fights and just some pk clips/bank clips/ + more. Yeah ... I even went all in on this lol Let me know if you guys would like seeing this and me posting again like I used to. I mean I'll probably do it regardless but I love the positive feedback and even the negative critics. Look forward to that and lets just say ... we back babyyy lets get it!
  4. Straight to the point @hektiik @pm2getbodied
  5. PK video 2 nothing more to add. Weird cuts in the video itself caused by speeding them up, then cutting them and adding effects. (Another thing I should learn from.) This one did take a while YouTube video
  6. New pk video, YouTube video
  7. Just a quick PK video. Weird colours caused by Sony Vegas, Will improve in next video. YouTube video
  8. fat clip dump dont really play anymore im over rs finally, still dunno how to get rid of black bars tho lol i miss my n1gga bart
  9. So a lot of people wanted me to make pk videos again so I decided to make one. Took a while and didn't really know how to edit it fully but enjoy.
  10. My first PK vid! Nothing special I just started playing again but here's a few clips I put together! Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think (Pls no flamers its my first vid and I don't have much of a bank yet) HUGE SHOUTOUT to @Akash for the help with the vid! much appreciated man
  11. Hello! The CC: "Redeemers" Is now recruiting pk loving members! In order to join: Reply to this thread and apply by listing the following things!: Howmany hrs per day do you play? & what aspect of pking you are the best at? We are a clan, that loves pking and mostly deep wilderness clan pking Also we CONTROL the jad #Redeemers - We never fall Why should you join? We have a great community and We will be doing lots of events, and pking trips in the deep deep wilderness, it doesn't matter what gear you bring! The goal is to have fun :)! We have a unique rank system in the bridtale cc! And we OWN the Jad JAD: We get the JAD kill almost every time, and we SHARE the loot IF it it's street value is 1k+ (If the guy who got the loot doesn't follow this format, screenshot it or video it and he will be "punished") PKP's, Since there are so many people in the Bridtale cc, we had to come up with a sharing system, because there is no point sharing the loot to 13 people or so... JAD LOOT SHARING SYSTEM: 5 or less people (Doesn't matter what ranks) -=- 100% split between evenly to 5 or less people! 6 people, 1 not ranked, 4 highest ranked + JAD killer! -=- 90% split between top 4 ranks + JAD killer, 10% between 1 NOT ranked! 7 people, 2 not ranked, 4 highest ranked + JAD killer! -=- 85% split between top 4 ranks + JAD killer, 15% between 2 NOT ranked! 8 people, 3 not ranked, 4 highest ranked + JAD killer! -=- 80% split between top 4 ranks + JAD killer, 20% between 3 NOT ranked! 9 people, 4 not ranked, 4 highest ranked + JAD killer! -=- 75% split between top 4 ranks + JAD killer, 25% between 4 NOT ranked! RANKING SYSTEM: 1. Smiley face - 0 PKP (Needed to join the clan! You can apply replying to this post and listing, howmany hours you play per day + what aspect of pking you are good at!) 1. Recruit - 250 PKP 2. Corporal - 500 PKP 3. Sergeant - 1000 PKP 4. Lieutenant - 2000 PKP (Here and up, ranks have the ability to lead pking trips/events/giveaways etc. ) 5. Captain - 5000 PKP (Able to kick people from the CC, abusing this leads into demotion!) 6. General - ONLY EARNABLE (Must have captain before promotion) (Must be trusted by the whole clan and must have been in the cc for a long long time, also needs to be SUPER active and kind!) (You DON'T have to pay the full amount if you want to upgrade your rank! Just the missing amount to the next rank!) Rules: #1 NO flaming others in the CC! #2 DO NOT beg for a rank! or for items! #3 IF you are a rank, don't abuse your power! If you do you might be demoted! #4 Have fun being one of the many members of the greatest cc of all time! BRIDTALE! #5 If you decide NOT to split the jad loot with the top 5 ranks and some to unranked guys (listed above %) you will be kicked! #6 IF you keep killing teammates / Bsing you will be kicked! Blacklist: Bsers/Scammers Zezima/Gretar visited us!
  12. Figured it would be a good idea to maybe add in a random possibility of getting an item or emblem worth pkt that you can sell to a shop,, and after 5 ks the value goes up, or items instead of emblems, of course there wouldnt be a 100% success rate on getting a drop, but even a 1/5-1/10 kills would be nice for new players and for the vets it would be a nice little bonus for their killstreaks. Regards, Imajohndoe
  13. Do the barrows armor set effects work on this server, like can i heal with guthan's????
  14. just because he talks trash
  15. Hey guys, back with a new video . Hope u guys enjoy it , The trueth is i didnt expect that i would kill someone without even focussing on , Hahaa just watch and u will see what i mean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-eKZWEla2E enjoy your watching
  16. 44.0 KDR atm. 44 kills - 1 death. All my screenshots for some random kid who thought I boosted my kdr LMFAO. http://imgur.com/a/bdfr6
  17. decided to turn my first couple clips into a full vid of me being a douchebag in edge hope u enjoy! got a lot of big hits / specs / combos thought you guys might like it. I have a ton more clips of this type of stuff so I might make more. Also, ik i am not the best at switching / pking in general, before this i only used to zerk pk ! so if you have any suggestions for video making or pking / rushing, let me know!
  18. Just a quick 2 minute hybrid vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs0SZE3TXMc
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