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Road to Completionist #1: 99 Thieving and Loot

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Decided to go for Completionist on Roat Pkz.

i'll be attempting to get 99 in All skills including slayer And all the skilling / Pvm Pets in the game excluding Custom pets and DP Pets. 

Started off with one of the most AFK skills, thieving.


If you are wondering why i have Noted Brews / Sanfews in my inventory please watch 

it only took me around 20~ hours to complete.


After doing the math and asking around the Expected Profit was supposed to be 866.66k (math) or around 1000k Skp (people)

As we can see it is alot less then that. i would also like to say that i never died when doing wildy thieving or used the Rouge Set.

Will Be doing Agility next, Until next time.


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