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  1. How about roat mobile? Alot more ppl would play
  2. How much does d bow cost? Case closed.
  3. Gied4life


    Dude like i wasnt mod. Can u even count that high how many times u tryed getting ss? No1 knowa u until gretar opens applications. Giveup or die trying
  4. Gied4life


    U wont get server support rank anyway stop trying so hard. Just play and have fun
  5. Glad to be part of the best gang on roat
  6. maybe your java is outdated. try downloading that red client that might fix it.
  7. god dam wish me dumb big stepbrother didnt rwt. would of made easy 500m
  8. holy shit i was mod for a year and no1 gave me alt or rigged whip... @Gretar wtf is this man.
  9. same event for 2 years doesnt matter if its xmas, helloween, easter etc etc etc
  10. call me idiot one more time and ill make sure one of these corrupted staffs ban u
  11. i dont see anywhere close to biggest single kill pk. u jebaited me
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