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  1. In game name? gied4life Pronouns? idk what that means. Favorite RoatPkz activity? afk/stake
  2. true on what u said about me. ill probs make a bot to get me play hours.
  3. dont forget bride chucky. the king himself.
  4. pk update once again wtf. only pk and pvm. loc gambling update????
  5. shes hot! how old is she? FBI OPEN UP
  6. only if i had time... me dds specs in duel are pretty sick.
  7. so we should demote everyone and promote new staff team thats what u saying? maybe u got few suggestions who u think would fit new dream staff team? im happy to see everyone putting good work into this game. great job us!
  8. OH MESSAGE TO ME LETS SEE! wtf why u asked attention for all stakers when its some bs about beggers. u changed when u got ss.
  9. NO! WHAT AM I DOING?!?!?! WHAT HAPPENED??? *starts laughing* guy just lost 30m pot like its nothing l0l
  10. vote daily. vote ticket/pack is like 2k. with 2k u can already buy dharoks d boots fury etc etc. if u are pvmer for 2k u can buy some decent pvm gear. really easy to make pkps doing slayer. this idea is good only for ip changers to farm pkps.
  11. Gied4life

    Moving through

    corona is comming
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