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  1. Gied4life

    Hybrid Video

    nice one a7e. plz rage clips also wheres me hook
  2. Gied4life

    Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy <3

    u fuckin moron go kys idiot
  3. so u saying fruitiest idea is bad cuz ppl will call staff everyday cuz some1s boxing? WRONG now u can make me mod and i make sure no1 every boxes any1 and anywhere. only for ME AS A MOD i will do anything u ask. if u didnt understand what i mean yet. MOD GIED4LIFE
  4. Gied4life

    Riskzone ft Umut

    nice one. loc refer code???
  5. Gied4life

    Happy birthday to the greatest owner!

    happy bday zezma. plz mod me or next year i wont wish u happy bday
  6. good one man. should of made me mod aswell
  7. adds random clip at the end so he can reach that 10min mark hehexd
  8. Gied4life

    Roat Pkz Trolling #2

    HAHAHA u so funny u must be clown irl? am i right?
  9. Gied4life

    Staff Feedback - January 2019

  10. Gied4life

    Potential items to add In-game.

    yeh i really like that idea m8 i think we really need this in game. good work. love u all.
  11. Gied4life

    VOTE 4 ME

    so i will be going for ss im gonna start creating random post on forums every 2 hours so they notice me and i get it (looking at u fruitiest) i will stop gambling no more staking no more flaming arabs cuz they are fkin morons gonna help every newfag who has no idea wtf is internet will make sure jblind and smackd resign will expose joe denk that hes using cheat client vote 4 me and u wont regret.
  13. Gied4life

    #RoadRage recruiting

    ks amk
  14. "administrator" LUL more like adminsucker HAHAHA




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    2. Gied4life


      who is smackd again? oh w8 its that guy that used to play back in the old good days. to bad hes gone rn

    3. Fantastic


      brother smackd always has my back

    4. Smackd


      Smackd gone still the most important person on this dead game giedrius