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  1. i dont count. im retired king. legend. respected. never forgotten.
  2. sythe is for lossers ::donate is for kings
  3. nah man its all wrong. u skipped the secure ur account part. u log in first thing u want to do is to stay safe. link ur account to ur email so u dont get hacked. u dont want to lose all those player killing points. second thing u do is go to ::donate and choose the best thing that fits u. if some1 has any more questions on how to make videos pm me.
  4. gretar doesnt trust any1. he plays it solo
  5. gied demoted??? i resigned months ago. then i rwted and got banned. doesnt mean im demoted u dumb bitches
  6. l2read moron no1 asked what u think. no1 cares who u are. no1 wants to talk with u. just leave and never comeback
  7. http://prntscr.com/urd0w5
  8. we are the champs now.
  9. If u dont replace me idk who will
  10. ngl i would still do it.
  11. from mod to normal player. from normal player to mac banned. gied4life 2012-2020
  12. u still suck ngl
  13. Gied4life

    Make Goat mod.

    clip it and ship it
  14. Gied4life

    Make Goat mod.

    wanna swap places?
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