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  1. +1 for music choise. good video
  2. thats a sickening update brother. thumbs up.
  3. 1. sure why not. 2.tbh idm having all those telepot commands. every new person is looking in that place for different things. some1 goes for ::cw (castle wars) some1 goes for ::dice or ::fp to gamble. 3.nah. donators get their customs/titles/zones. 4/5. hot cold is basiclly 55x2. and blackjack could be added. dont think dice bag should be more d points cuz of that tho. 6.new stuff is always good
  4. congratz man. hope rng stays on your side
  5. as u can see in ::drops. it has a chance of dropping pkp. anti venom and zulrah scales. so its its 100% droprate of pkps.
  6. Sickening update me man. Will grind the shit out of that zone
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