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  1. guy taged gretar but not hes good fella. what rat.
  2. me broders from iraq wont watch these scumw USA disrespect us! if goverment wont do anything ill bomb myself in varrock square. ALLAH AKABR BRODERS
  3. thats a first post that made me gigle irl! thanks a7e u made me evening special
  4. And thats a pk cooldown. Marry xmas!
  5. For pakis like me xmas tomorrow but merry xmas
  6. i heard thise dog looks nice. http://prntscr.com/qdpljb
  7. imagine not protecting ur account in 2k19.
  8. email to [email protected] explaining everything what u just explained here.
  9. Sand casino is dope. Your moms a hoe Shes always on top Cuz me dicks long Me whips on lash Cuz im getting that cash Good for begining.
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