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Big Suggestion List

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18 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

Let me know what you think. :)

It's mostly QoL/Skilling/PvM suggestions.

I might add more later.




Buff Crazy Archaeologist drops.

Crazy Archaeologist has no pet drop. His best drop are the wards, which are 1k, and are hard to sell. Adding a 2-3k item drop to the table will make him worth doing, as right now he's only done on task.

  Yeh cba doing it myself.

Buff Scorpia drops.

Takes a fair bit of effort to kill Scorpia. Scorpia is in deep wild in multi in a fairly common area, so you can't bring good gear. Scorpia has a pet drop, but overall the loot is lacking, only worth doing on task/for pet.

yes the drop rates of the items need definite buffs.




Here's some of my old suggestions that I still think should be added.

10k Risk Def

dont see why not.


Lower Corp respawn rate

i think it spawns fast enough already.

Brew limit cap when picking up wilderness key

i believe this is already in place

Boss KC added to hiscores

gretar is working on this

Add Lottery to ::rehab. Atm you can be on rehab but gamble in the lottery.

yeh, should be added dont know why its not

Add Clan recruitment board to ::daily board at home so new people can see which cc's are recruiting

osrs will be having a overhaul to the cc system and we should just wait till it comes out then do our best to replicate it.

Add skilling tab to ::daily board. Give rewards for daily/weekly skill leaders same as how we do with slayer

100% support

Update ::commands to add new commands. Things like ::slayer/::skill aren't there

just small qol stuff but it should be added

Add a ::faq command. With answers to most questions asked often by new players.

would save alot of time trying to explain stuff to newer players

Add a spec tele timer to edge. Will help with rushers/raggers/bad pkers

yes, 100%

Add buyable bars for smithing. Or make it half coal per bar, like in blast furnace. (SMITHING IS INSANELY SLOW. EVEN WITH INFERNAL AXE AND WILDERNESS SMITHING! BUFF IT.)

im not even gonna touch smithing until its faster

Add longer ::rehab times. Month/Perm. Have a notification saying it's irreversible so people can't complain to admins about it. (ADD ::LOTTERY TO ::REHAB. MAKES NO SENSE WHY IT'S NOT)

ehhh, i can see the month being added, maybe not permanent since people would bitch to mods/admins about getting it removed irregardless 

Add some skilling methods that are faster but cost money instead of make money.

Yeh i saw this in some other topic, should be implemented 100%

Buff dlong and dmace spec. They're never worth using over a dds. Would bring more variety to brid/edge pking

IRONMAN MODE. Have a seperate hiscores for it, too. 

dont actually see how it would last on a pk server like roat pkz. it would lock alot of items behind massive hours of commitment, i.e any Bh item. (also how would bh pking work? do you not get the loot but tiers+tier upgrades?, would you not be able to open donation boxes? would you have to donate for a donator rank yourself?) skilling was added with the idea that people would have somthing else to do but it is relatively dead content 

Re-Add the poll dude at edge bank. It helps get a sense of what the players want, and not just long term players and people on forums. 

was in game but removed due to lack of use, gretar said he could add it again.

Remove max cape from pk store and make it for maxed players only. Maybe add some perks to it.

in the works according to fantastic

Looting bag. I remember 6 months ago we were told it was going to be added soon. :P

in the works aswell for another big update





A few more skilling suggestions:

Adding dart tips to fletch shop

Adding premade bars to smith shop

Add teak trees that give very little money but better xp rates

Add dragonleather for crafting

Add blackjack for faster but more intensive thieving

Add barbarian fishing for good agility/fishing exp but less money

@Gretar @Fantastic Maybe add these with the upcoming skilling update? ;) 


all of the above ^ 100%










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On 10/14/2019 at 7:13 PM, Heh said:


ty for feedback 🙂 



A few other little things:

Have staff team host hns events. @Fantastic

Have staff host/server timed corp events.

Fix d spear lol

Add dragon hunter lance

Add the new osrs gilded items to donor shop

add expeditius/bracelet of slaughter

lower the slayer point price of tham sceptre. its not a good item and is not worth 2k slay points

add corp tele tabs to pkp shops


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3 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

ty for feedback 🙂 



A few other little things:

Have staff team host hns events. @Fantastic     

Yeh replace the HP event with this somtimes for variety and only 1-2 clans can actually partcipate in the HP event, make the reward diamond key.

Have staff host/server timed corp events.

I think special pvm events would be a good idea, maybe a buffed drop rate or something for more incentive?

Fix d spear lol

thought it was fixed but if it isnt yes 100%

Add dragon hunter lance

Already suggested to gretar adding hydra/vorkath and making this one of the drops from them

Add the new osrs gilded items to donor shop

Incoming on the next big update

add expeditius/bracelet of slaughter

why not, make it cost slayer points

lower the slayer point price of tham sceptre. its not a good item and is not worth 2k slay points

yes, its actually useless everywhere.

add corp tele tabs to pkp shops 


dont see why it already isnt


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